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The Usual ‘Barrel’ Suspects

Article courtesy of / Written by: Chris Latronic / Interview by: Tyler Rock / PC: KJ We all have our crew. It could be just …Read More »

Maui boy Zane Schweitzer wins round 2 of the Ultimate Waterman in NZ

Article & PC Courtesy of Hawaiian athlete Zane Schweitzer paddled his way to a significant win in the Prone Paddleboard Race held at Piha …Read More »

Iconic surf brand VANS celebrates 50 years in business

March 16th, 2016 marked 50 years of Vans’ “Off The Wall” heritage in action sports, art, music and street culture with a worldwide celebration of …Read More »

The real winner of the Eddie was Uncle Clyde

 Article Courtesy of GrindTV / PC: WSL|Latronic Action sports athletes are often set out to pasture by age 30. But you can keep your heating …Read More »

Safety Vests & Big Wave surfing – are they necessary?

Article courtesy of Would Eddie have worn one? This El Nino winter will go on record as one of the greatest runs of swell …Read More »

The WSL Awards honors the best & brightest of the sport

PC: Kirstin / Article courtesy of New WSL Champ Trophies Revealed at Gold Coast Gala World Champions Adriano de Souza and Carissa Moore were …Read More »

The Elite List of Eddie Contest Winners – there are only 9!

Article Courtesy of | PC: Noyle There’s probably no “list” in surfing more elite than this one. Arguments can be made that other contests hold …Read More »

With all this big surf around make sure to stay safe with the BWRAG

Article courtesy of | PC: Matt Catalano Meet the crews making big wave surfing safer On March 16, it will be five years since …Read More »

What a Wander-ful week on the North Shore

Excerpts courtesy of & Eddie Aikau Big Wave Contest on Standby for Thursday & Wanderlust Oahu kicks off at Turtle Bay.  Lots of …Read More »

Defending World Champ Caio Vaz victorious at stop #1 of the Stand Up World tour

PC: Brian Bielmann Article Courtesy of Waterman League Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) just seems to go from strength to strength, and has once again …Read More »

Top 5 great moments of Eddie contests

Article Courtesy of GrindTV: Ben Mondy The 2015 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau waiting period finishes on February 28. Time is running out as …Read More »

This Winter has seen some amazing surf and we have El Nino to thank

We’ve heard tons of scientists explain what El Niño is and isn’t doing this winter. Is California’s drought going to end? How strong will La …Read More »

Stand Up World Tour 2016 Season Opener kicks off Today, Thursday!

8am start. The girls got waves! Turtle Bay delivers on day one for some good competition. PC: Waterman League Kicking off Thursday 2/4 is the 2016 …Read More »

Traveling soon? Make sure you read this list about airlines and surf board fees first

Courtesy of The eternal conundrum of surf travel is how stung you may get – or how best to avoid getting stung – by …Read More »

Get a glimpse of the legendary Jaws session that went down on Wednesday

Article courtesy of People who surf Jaws are complete lunatics. I bet they wake up in the middle of the night a few times …Read More »


Story by: The Inertia Over the weekend, Kai “KaiBorg” Garcia suffered a heart attack.The Hawaiian heavy-hitter is known for his prowess in big waves, holding …Read More »

2 Hawaii boys enter the Nazare Barrel Contest

PC: Servais (T) / Bielmann (B) Story courtesy of The 5th annual Allianz Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong voting period ended yesterday, leading up …Read More »

Kaiman Henry declared the winner at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

Story by Wind the clock back to 1999, in the early days of the Da Hui Shootout and a young surfer out of Maui …Read More »

Kelly Slater has been staying busy and is ready to announce his new surfboard line

At the 2015 Pipe Masters, the world got its first collective look at Kelly Slater’s new surfboard label, Slater Designs. Kelly had been riding blank models …Read More »

These Maui boys are leading by example in more ways than one

PC: Ian Walsh Ian Walsh, who was one of the first surfers to paddle into the world’s biggest waves at his home break of Jaws …Read More »


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