Kaiman Henry declared the winner at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout

Story by SurfersVillage.com

Wind the clock back to 1999, in the early days of the Da Hui Shootout and a young surfer out of Maui was making covers with his performances at Backdoor and Pipe as one of Hawaii’s great hopes, with a unique and powerful style.

While he narrowly missed out on a Shootout victory back then, fast forward 16 years, and Team Volcom’s Kaimana Henry was firing all cylinders, posting a series of scores in the excellent range over the 3 days / rounds of competition, highlighted by an impossible barrel that pushed him into the Shootout realm of 11 points.

The Shootout has a unique format, where all athletes surf an equal amount of times in a non elimination format that celebrates commitment. Here is the criteria:

The best scores are accrued round by round to provide the overall result.
If 3 rounds or less are completed, it is the best 2 waves that count
If 4 or 5 rounds, it is the best 3 waves that count
If 6 rounds are completed, then the best 4 waves would be counted.
The Shootout opens the scoring range up to 12 points to acknowledge exceptional rides and not limit the threshold

In the end, it was Team Volcom who ended up on top by the smallest possible margin (0.09 points), ahead of Team Da Hui Wax 1 and in 3rd, Team Da Hui Wax 2. Here are the final standings:

Team Volcom: 64.43
Da Hui Wax 1: 64.34
Da Hui Wax 2: 57.76
North Shore Surf Shop: 55.09
RVCA 51.09
Hurley 50.4
Quiksilver 47.23


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