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SNN Buoy Layout + Spectral Snapshots

BUOY LINE-UP PER SHORELINE EXPOSURE (including spectral: the distribution of power/period in the total wave energy field/spectrum)


51000 North Hawaii  -245 Nautical Miles NE of Kauai Spectral Density

51001 NW#1  -188 Nautical Miles NW of Kauai + Spectral Density

51101 NW#2 -186 Nautical Miles NW of Kauai + Spectral Density

51208 Hanalei -4 miles off Haena Pt. moored 800ft deep + Spectral Density

Waimea Bay (PacIOOS) (4 miles offshore & moored 600ft deep)


51202 Kailua + Spectral Density

51207 Kaneohe Bay Spectral Density

51205 Pauwela just off NS Maui Spectral Density

51206 Hilo Bay Spectral Density


Kalaeloa ‘Barbers Point’ (This PacIOOS wave buoy sits 1.7 miles offshore of Kalaeloa Harbor on the leeward (western) coast of Oʻahu & is moored 291 meters deep).

Lana’i  SW(PacIOOS)

Lana’i  (NOAA)Spectral Density Graph (The PacIOOS wave buoy Sits 2.5 miles SW of Kaumalapau Harbor off the southwest coast of Lānaʻi & is moored 784 feet deep).

51211 – Pearl Harbor Entrance +NDBC Spectral Density + PacIOOS Spectral Model

Note: Direction of swell at Pearl Harbor skews SSE due to refraction of SSW swell in the shallow water placement of buoy.

51003 W. HI. -205 NM SW Hono  +  Spectral Density

51002 SW -215 NM SSW Hilo + Spectral Density

51004 SE -185 NM S/E Hilo  Spectral Density

51209 – American Samoa + Spectral DensityPacIoos Wave Obs (3-4 day travel to Hawaii) MAP HERE


(Out) Kilo Nalu

buoy 4 spectral density
buoy 1 spectral density
last 48 hours (broadband recommended)
buoy 51003 spectra buoy 3 spectral density
buoy 2 spectral density
51201 Waimea
51202 Kailua Buoy

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