SNN Buoy Layout + Spectral Snapshots

BUOY LINE-UP PER SHORELINE EXPOSURE (including spectral: the distribution of power/period in the total wave energy field/spectrum)

NW EXPOSURES (National Data Buoy Center)

51000 North Hawaii  -245 Nautical Miles NE of Kauai Spectral Density

51001 NW#1  -188 Nautical Miles NW of Kauai + Spectral Density

51101 NW#2 -186 Nautical Miles NW of Kauai + Spectral Density

51208 Hanalei -4 miles off Haena Pt. moored 800ft deep + Spectral Density

51201 Waimea  + Spectral Density

Waimea Bay (PacIOOS) (4 miles offshore & moored 600ft deep)


51202 Kailua (Mokapu) + Spectral Density

51207 Kaneohe Bay Spectral Density

51205 Pauwela just off NS Maui Spectral Density

51206 Hilo Bay Spectral Density


Kalaeloa ‘Barbers Point’ (NBDC)  + Spectral Density

Kalaeloa ‘Barbers Point’ (This PacIOOS wave buoy sits 1.7 miles offshore of Kalaeloa Harbor on the leeward (western) coast of Oʻahu & is moored 291 meters deep).

Lana’i  SW(PacIOOS)

Lana’i  (NOAA)Spectral Density Graph (The PacIOOS wave buoy Sits 2.5 miles SW of Kaumalapau Harbor off the southwest coast of Lānaʻi & is moored 784 feet deep).

51211 – Pearl Harbor Entrance +NDBC Spectral Density + PacIOOS Spectral Model

Note: Direction of swell at Pearl Harbor skews SSE due to the refraction of SSW swell in the shallow water placement of buoy.

51003 W. HI. -205 NM SW Hono  +  Spectral Density

51002 SW -215 NM SSW Hilo + Spectral Density

51004 SE -185 NM S/E Hilo  Spectral Density

51209 – American Samoa + Spectral DensityPacIoos Wave Obs (3-4 day travel to Hawaii) MAP HERE


(Out) Kilo Nalu

buoy 4 spectral density
buoy 1 spectral density
last 48 hours (broadband recommended)
buoy 51003 spectra buoy 3 spectral density
buoy 2 spectral density
51201 Waimea
51202 Kailua Buoy

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