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“Jaw’s is definitely death…doesn’t matter how much training you do…”

The Best Wave of Shane Dorian’s Life Frame grab makes one wonder, how do you hold on with that much air and water? Whether it’s …Read More »

Need a laugh…some entertainment?…sure you do.

“Cause I miss talking…” Alex Gray Talk Wave | Ep 2 Dave Wassel 

Let’s Drop In for FreeSurf

FreeSurf Magazine Special Edition If there’s one thing every dedicated surfer knows how to do, it’s go with the flow and make adjustments “down the …Read More »

After Kolohe Andino…California’s Griffin Colapinto is the West Coasts next best chance at a Title…want proof?

Tube Riding and Carving/Air skills are definitely in Griffin’s repertoire (The Box frame grab) Why Not from Griffin Colapinto on Vimeo.

Fathom the GOAT…30th Year on Tour…You can’t really.

Join the ‘Greatest Of All Time’ Kelly Slater, at Ali’i Beach Park. #TourNotes Talking Story through his quiver, the lineup, and his plans for the …Read More »

“I Would rather be a surfer than a politician”

The North Shore’s Carol Philips is and has for decades been widely known for her big wave riding on a bodyboard. Front page Image is …Read More »

How many can’t walk anymore?

As the Video and Frame Grabs show…The Wedge is verifiable INSANE…like the ones who ride it. Look carefully at the thickness…no thanks. Surfers and bodyboarders …Read More »

Albee Layer : The Best “Non Jaws” Wave of His Life

Pe’ahi specialist shows us his “Natural Process”. Watch this new edit from DaKine as Layer shows us his airs and tubes skills. He had hip …Read More »

2020 Tokyo Olympics to Be Postponed Due to Coronavirus, Says IOC’s Dick Pound

4X World Champ Carissa Moore and 2X World Champ John John Florence will have to wait another year. “On the basis of the information the …Read More »

John John surfing Haleiwa with friends and family, Winter 2020

Frame Grab shows great lighting and even greater surfing… John John, Nathan and Ivan, meet Kiron Jabour and Nathan Fletcher to surf fun Haleiwa earlier …Read More »

“I don’t know…THAT was F!@#N Stupid” Mick Fanning

“It was controlled suicide that day almost…” Martin Potter It will NEVER matter how much time passes…this day will always roll the stomach and blow …Read More »


The Sandbar gets hectic and John John almost takes Elis head off (CLIP AT 9:15)  Go Follow Eli @eli_olson @eli_olson @eli_olson @eli_olson @eli_olson @eli_olson …Read More »

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