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Gabriel Medina: Taking Indefinite Leave from Competition

(announced Monday 1/24/22) Gabriel Medina Photo: World Surf League/Ed Sloane Starting with the Billabong Pro Pipeline… The Season will be kicking off its holding period …Read More »

ODL presents: Kelly Slater & John John Florence

Frame grabs show how THICK the Bay can get… revealing how Waimea packs a Wallop…any of these lips land on your neck or back…and they …Read More »

Eli Olson

TEAM FLORENCE BACKDOOR SHOOTOUT 2022 HIGHLIGHTS (part 2) Front page frame grab shows Eli on one of his many Epic rides during the Da Hui …Read More »

Whoa…and Why?

Nazaré is hands down the biggest most dangerous wave in the world. 8 of January 2022 is a day that we will remember for a …Read More »

The WCT kicks off soon at Pipe! Saturday Jan 29th 2022…

Billabong Pro Pipeline Will Mark Historic Start to 2022 Championship Tour First Full Women’s CT Competition at the World-Renowned Banzai Pipeline Rookies Prepare for Championship …Read More »


Don’t know about you…but the last time we surfed 6 times in one day was…NEVER! LOL. Nathan, you’re an animal. SNN 

OVER 200,000 Views since Jan 17th…

Let the games begin… Yep, they’re under there… having a BIG meal JOB starts us off at Ali’i Beach Park (where he learned to surf) …Read More »

VTC Hosted by Nathan Florence

The Vans Triple Crown returns once again to the North Shore of Hawaii for its unique annual open, submission-based digital competition. To celebrate the ripping, …Read More »

Sunday Jan 16th…Da Hui Backdoor Shootout… Mason Ho wins!

Win or lose, everybody wins at the 2022 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout! For example…Kala Grace and one of the best rides of the entire event… …Read More »

Always looking for way to do a good JOB…no matter what!

When it’s pouring rain on the North Shore of Oahu we find ways to have fun no matter what!! This flood was crazy and we …Read More »


A short film on Pipeline. JJF

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this project. It took many different shapes over the years to get to where it is now. It …Read More »

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