“One of the scariest waves I’ve watched my friend send it on” Albee Layer on Torrey Meister

The Take-Off and the inside shelf were ludicrous… just goes to show that our local boyz are searching for-and finding- heavy death-defying slabs ’round the …Read More »

Going back in time into…

The Beautiful Chaos of Surfing Pipeline Pipeline is Timeless (So is some of the commentaries like Derek Ho’s Beautiful Chaos”). Pipeline is the Yankee Stadium, center …Read More »

Robert Redford-Produced Premiere of ‘Momentum Generation’ at Tribeca Film Festival

Front page image: Talyor Steele Frame Grab above: the most popular, successful member of the infamous Momentum Generation. The story of how one house in …Read More »

John John, Mason Ho, Koa Rothman & Co | North Shore Hawaii Jan ’18

Just because…it’s Pipe Featuring Mauro Diaz, Nathan Florence, Kai Mana Henry, Anthony Walsh, Jamie O’Brien, Keito Matsuoka, Kala Grace, Takayuki Wakita, Mason Ho, Koa Rothman …Read More »

Local Big Wave Charger Kohl Christensen gets off the Island and into the Cold

“Sub Sole” The Movie Chilean charger Ramon Navarro, alongside visiting surfers Otto Flores and Kohl Christensen, never planned on surfing the kegging lefthander featured in …Read More »


Always hunting fun, JOB risks skin and a water parking ticket. They end up at Pipe…in Pink “ME @POOPIESGRAM AND @SCOTTYVIBES SURF THE ICONIC SHARKS …Read More »

“The ProTest” Bonus Section featuring music of Cliff Kapono

See you on Earth…Day in Waimanalo…With Friends, Family & Sashamon

  The Brand New Release from Sashamon “What I Do” Support Earth Day this Sunday  in the  Hawaiian Islands  by participating in one of the …Read More »

Free Surfin’ West Side in the Land Down Under

Taj Burrow, Joel Parkinson, and Griffin Colapinto enjoy a splendid morning of clear skies, offshore winds and plenty of almond-shaped tubes. “This session went down …Read More »

Dan catches Kai Sallas | Kaniela Stewart | Queens Surf Break, Waikiki Beach

Kaniela showing perfect technique for the backhand bottom to top turn KAI KAI & ATILLA Kai Sallas and Kaniela Stewart at Queens surf break, Waikiki beach …Read More »

Earlier this year: Ryan “Chachi” Craig shoots from the water on Oahu’s North Shore.

Front page frame grab: Zeke Lau in position. Chachi in position.

Malia’s close call

Malia Manuel’s scary experience with the ledge at North Point 2018 Malia keeps her cool in a very dicey situation. She copped a few waves …Read More »

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