2 Hawaii boys enter the Nazare Barrel Contest

PC: Servais (T) / Bielmann (B)

Story courtesy of SurfersVillage.com

The 5th annual Allianz Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong voting period ended yesterday, leading up to the 16 final contenders. With a holding period raging from January 17th to March 17th, the original one-day Portuguese surfing contest will take place at the famous Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, gathering some of the best tube riders in the world for a full day of competition in perfect, hollow waves. 

As in its previous editions, 2016 Allianz Perfect Chapter powered by Billabong final contenders were chosen by the public through online polling, giving surf fans around the world the opportunity to vote for their favorite wave riders under two different categories – Portuguese Surfers and International (non-Portuguese) Surfers –, having the final say at who will actually compete. The 24 names up for polling have been pre-selected by the event organizers in association with a Committee of Experts holding a profound knowledge of the world surfing scene. 


Nic von Rupp 
Tiago Pires 
João Guedes 
Francisco Alves 
Miguel Blanco 
Alex Botelho 
Bruce Irons 
Pedro Vianna “Scooby” 
Miguel Tudela 
Marco Giorgi 
Damien Hogbood 
Bobby Martinez 
Bruno Santos 
Bruno Grilo 
Ruben Gonzalez 
Koa Rothman 


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