The Usual ‘Barrel’ Suspects

Article courtesy of / Written by: Chris Latronic / Interview by: Tyler Rock / PC: KJ

We all have our crew. It could be just your best friend or a multitude of them. People come together and form the amazing relationships we thrive in today. We go to school, work, eat, surf, party, cruise with these special friends and make memories last forever… Or at least within your crew you do.

Growing up on the North Shore, the Neverland Boys (John, Nathan and Ivan Florence, Kiron Jabour, Koa Rothman and Eli Olson) were connected to each other through their love for the ocean and surfing. The crew has shared similar struggles and triumphs as they grew into the shrines of professional surfing they now occupy. The stickers and pocket books may have changed tremendously over the years, but some things will never change and friends will always be friends. To get some 1st person insight, we tracked down Alexandra Florence to help us paint a picture of their humble origins. Alex was more than gracious to take us back to the beginning.

AF: Kiron, Koa, Eli, Ivan, Nate, John… That’s the crew that’s at my house all the time… for years! Their crew is pretty tight, they basically live here (points to her house). I put up a list, like ‘bring your own towel’ and such. I ain’t coin extra laundry.

We have a good time here. I make them laugh, they make me laugh. I chase them with brooms. Recently they put a chicken leg in my shoe… a real chicken leg. Not the kind you buy in the store. I don’t know where the rest of it went.

Freesurf: Tell us about each of the boys in the Crew.


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