www.chanceemhawaii.com launch party Friday!

Be there this Friday night at @surfer_thebar @turtlebayresort celebrating the end of another great year! It’s been 6 years of supporting the community with hopefully …Read More »

Society Unseen

While we wait for this NW swell ti fill lets go off Island and visit some heavy places and people. SNN. Society Unseen from Rick …Read More »


On your backside, it all starts with the bottom turn” says Nat. In this Hurley Surf Club How To episode, the Santa Cruz native breaks …Read More »

Shane Fletcher’s ‘Splashing’

“..what kind of life is splashing around in the waves and saying weee-eee” Splashing is a mini-featurette cut from a collection of side-footage of Kai …Read More »

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Quote of the Season, of the New Year, of Life….Pancho Sullivan

“Everything we wish to accomplish starts with a decision to try”. Photography by @sean_davey | @aulta_surf | @bushmansurfboards | #maketime#surf #lifestyle #watches #waterproof #enjoy — …Read More »

WSL: 5 Takeaways from the Inaugural Nazaré Challenge

Paul Evans Friday, December 23, 2016The inaugural Nazaré Challenge was an eye-opening affair for a variety of reasons, some more obvious than others. During the …Read More »

Poke, Pits And Punts

MYSURFTV Rockin’ some insane rides… For more HERE

A Don’t Miss Concert…A Dont Miss Cause: tonight

Surfer the Bar Hosts: The Mana Mele Event Series continues! Representing the Mana Mele Collective TONIGHT Friday, December 23: Mike Love, Sheriff Brown and Westafa! …Read More »

2016 Nazaré Challenge Highlights

Inaugural Nightmare: As far as global big waves go, Nazaré in Portugal is one of the newest and the scariest. Like the waves that explode …Read More »

Rad Times

Hawaii. It’s big, it’s bold, and it’s reputation may be even bigger and bolder than itself. But all that aside, the enchanted island is diverse. …Read More »

Dakine & Florence Team Up: focus on the development of a signature series 

John John Florence signs on with Dakine Photo: John John Florence @ Brent Bielman via Dakine Surf News Network, 21 December, 2016 – Dakine announced …Read More »

More incentive to charge even harder

New event rewards hardest charging local Hawaiians lead my JBO Surf News Network, 17 December, 2016 – KMC Wheels announced today that the local Hawaiian …Read More »

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