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Stewart bests Cunningham at Banzai Pipeline

Two legends go head to head, fin to fin at the Pipe to grab and 1st and 2nd. Quiksilver Bodysurfing Extravaganza Banzai Pipeline, Hawaii 1- 27 …Read More »

Peahi’s Jaws tries to bite down on a skim boarder!

A world record for the biggest Skim Board wave ever ridden. After years of guys talking about and laughing at the idea of someone surfing …Read More »


Wednesday: The Surf n Sea event is postponed as well as the Pro Junior and Body Surfing Pro. Location:    Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii Holding …Read More »

Danny Ching claims waka ama event of ‘Waterman’ comp

Ultimate Waterman League Ultimate Waterman Arkles Bay, Whangaparaoa Peninsula New Zealand 14 – 18 March, 2015 Ching Wins first Ultimate Waterman Discipline, scores double points. Hawaii’s …Read More »

Day 1 is ON! The Surf n Sea Pipe Pro, Carissa Moore set to drop in

The event starts at 8am! The Body Surfing Pipe Pro in ON later today! Pic: Moore winning at Snapper © WSL/Cestari World Surf League JQS …Read More »

Save Our Buoys? Hilo Hawaii buoy cops some abuse

PacIOOS performs maintenance, issues reminder… Surf News Network,  March, 2015. Recent maintenance performed by the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System in the UHM School for …Read More »

A lot has changed in 20 years except one of the most classic home made interviews ever

With Johnny Boy Gomes from around 1993 from the movie: The Kill. For the youngster who may not realize… JBG was thee power surfer of planet …Read More »

It’s on! The Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro in improving 4-6′ Pipe’s new NW building to 8′ late today!

Emilia Perry, Poster model and Pipeline Contender Press Advisory All Fired Up Brazilian Show Room presents The Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro March 16-24th, …Read More »

Pro Surfing & dues paying

Check this video out of the Billabong Challenge almost 20 years ago. Proof that Pros have always paid their dues to do what they love. …Read More »

Meet the rookies that rocked the World Tour kickoff

Introducing the WSL Class of 2015, a diverse and hungry handful Surf News,  March, 2015. Snapper Rocks, Australia – The second day of competition at …Read More »

Mainland groms begin their Hawaiian season learning

You gotta start somewhere. Why not at the ultimate proving ground. Young Body Glove team engaged in North Shore training…Lucas Taub © Body Glove Surf News …Read More »

A good finish after a bad start. Event 1 will be remembered.

Mens Toledo, Moore bag big wins at Quiksilver & Roxy Pros 2015 Quiksilver Pro Champion Filipe Toledo © WSL/Kirstin Quiksilver & Roxy Pro Gold Coast …Read More »

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