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It was not their time…

Not only an amazing story but the way they tell it….smile and freak.

Depactus. Matt Meola

Men of Extraordinary Pursuits Born and bred on Maui, Matt Meola is a product of his Valley Isle environment. Surfing, fishing, or hunting is about …Read More »

The 2015 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in Memory of Duke

Call 596SURF for status. Mahalo. DA HUI is proud to announce that starting Monday, January 5th thru Saturday, January 17th, 2015 – we will be …Read More »

Goodbye ASP, Hello World Surf League

In open letter WSL CEO Paul Speaker welcomes surf fans  Surf News Network,  January, 2015. It’s now official, the Association of Surfing Professionals is the …Read More »

Who Makes It?

Last webisode installment captures drama at Sunset Beach Surf News Network In Qualifying, Red Bull have been documenting Evan Geiselman, Zeke Lau, Damien Hobgood, Nathan Hedge and …Read More »

Garrett & Mercedes refine heavy water tow-board

The Mercedes super flex varial airplane wing foam surfboard Mercedes-Benz MBoard project expands with GMac & Varial foam Surf News Network, 2 January, 2015. In 2013, …Read More »


Mason Ho cuts loose at home on the North Shore this winter. Video: Rory Pringle Music: Jimi Hendrix Credits: Rory Pringle Vimeo cyber corn from …Read More »


The past year has been amazing for SCH and we want to thank everyone that helped make it such an amazing year. Going into 2015 …Read More »

ASP Interview: Without major sponsor Defay still earns Rookie of the Year

Johanne Defay © ASP Fiji was a turning point this year for Defay Surf News Network, Jan 1,2015 – In 2013, a young Junior surfer hailing from …Read More »

Best Maui Surfers

A great piece with photos and videos by Chris Norberg from the Pride of Maui. Check out who kicks it off. Ian Walsh. Born on Maui’s …Read More »

‘Volunteer of the Month’ Congrads Beau Hodge! Saturday is Day at the Beach.

Mahalo Beau. Most of you have seen and heard contest announcer  Beau in action as a big part of our events with his water skills …Read More »

What the big wave world’s best say about fear & Eddie

Fear and Character Factors at Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Surf News Network, 27 December, 2014. How do surfers get over the fear factor …Read More »

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