Nazaré like you’ve never seen it before

Witness one of the most dramatic paddle sessions ever at Praia do Norte, from land, sea and drone.

By Andrew Lewis

History is made in moments large and small. Last week at Nazaré was the whole package. First came the carnage of the Nazaré Challenge, where Jamie Mitchell led a collection of the world’s best big-wave surfers in macking (even for Naz), unruly conditions. Then came the free-surf session on Thursday, December 22.

“Nazare as a wave is a phenom, as challenging and beautiful as any big wave I’ve surfed but do the dangers involved out way the rewards?” said Baker. “Those 20 minutes during each heat, on the back of a ski, holding on with all your strength while jumping 10ft foamies, were some of the most terrifying experiences of my life and something I can’t see myself repeating.” Multi Big Wave Champ Grant Twiggy Baker


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