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(Front Page Frame Grab Image) #8 Griffin Colapinto | Oahu, Hawaii
Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

The Top 10 Surf Clips From the Month of February 2019

After 30 days of combing through an impressive amount of profile shorts and jaw-dropping freesurfing edits, we’ve finally compiled and ranked the top 10 surf clips from the short month of February.

Jack Freestone took top honors with his flawless Kirra ride during the barrel fest that was Cyclone Oma. Runner-up Barron Mamiya dropped his latest edit “Mind” right before the turn of the month, showcasing his inimitable backside tube-riding. His stylish double hand-drag at Cloudbreak earned him the No. 2 spot on the list. Aussie youth Toby Mossop’s seemingly never-ending barrel warranted him the No. 3 spot. Italo, Yago, and Chippa’s high-performance aerial antics got them in the mix. And remember Parko’s enviable drainer at Off the Wall in Griffin Colapinto’s recent edit? That landed him at No. 6. To see the rest of the top 10 clips, hit play on the edit above or find the original films at

#1 Jack Freestone | Gold Coast, Australia
Filmed by Joel Scott

#2 Barron Mamiya | Cloudbreak, Fiji
Filmed by Cole Yamane

# 3 Toby Mossop | Gold Coast, Australia
Filmed by Billy Lee-Pope

# 4 Italo Ferreira | Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Filmed by Felipe Queiroz

#5 Yago Dora | Waco, Texas
Filmed by …Lost Surfboards

#6 Joel Parkinson | Off The Wall, Hawaii
Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#7 Chippa Wilson | France
Filmed by Guillem Cruells

#8 Griffin Colapinto | Oahu, Hawaii  (Front Page Frame Grab Image)
Filmed by Jacob Vanderwork

#9 Pat Gudauskas | Rincon, California
Filmed by Sean Lesh

#10 Pete Devries | Pacific Northwest
Filmed by Nate Laverty

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