YETI Presents: Sandbagging Jimmy Chin

“I’m with a pretty heavy crew…I’m rolling deep right now…” JC

By most anyone’s standards, Jimmy has done it all: climbed and skied Everest, crossed Chang Tang Plateau on foot, and won an Academy Award.

But when he’s asked if there is anything he still wants to do in his life, his response is “get barreled.”

With the help of renowned surfers Mark Healey, Jon Rose, Jeff Johnson, and Keith and Dan Malloy….

Jimmy heads into the biggest waves of his life to find his barrel moment.

Directing team of: Dan Malloy, Keith Malloy, Jeff Johnson, Scott Ballew, Jimmy Chin, Taylor Johns, Mark Healey
Producers: Taylor Johns and Brett Williams
Edited by: Andrew Schoneberger
Director of Photography: Erin Fienblatt
Editor: Andrew Schoneberger
Assistant Editor: Tate Larrick
Music By: Todd Hannigan, Nick Coventry, Weeed
Sound Design & Mix: Todd Hannigan At Brotheryn Studios
Still Photographer: Jeff Johnson
Color Grading: Clinton K. Hollister | Arlington Peak

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