Well Rounded | Episode 1 Calm & Chaos

Well Rounded | Our new series about legendary big wave surfer, Mark Healey.⁠

Outside Magazine once called Mark “the greatest athlete you’ve never heard of.” He’s one of the greatest big wave surfers of all time, a Hollywood stuntman, a freediver and spearfisherman—and undeniably one of the most accomplished watermen in the world.⁠

Today, Mark’s still chasing waves and thrills, but spending more of his time with family back home on Oahu. From hunting and spearfishing to balancing fatherhood with his own pursuits, follow along as we get to know Mark and explore what drives him in every aspect of his life.⁠

Director/DP – Pat Fenelon
Water DP – Justin Turkowski
Creative Director – Danny Segal
Producer – Anthony Cabrera
Music – Actual Magic
Colorist – Clinton Hollister
Audio Post Engineer – Will Berridge
Writer – Hans Ascham
Editor – Dana Shaw
Additional Surf Footage – Jesse Yonover
Brent Bielmann
Zoard Janko
Connor Trimble

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