We loved Brock Little, here’s a little proof

No matter what part of the world you were from, if you surfed, you probably knew about one of the greatest Big Wave Riders ever. Here’s some of the impact Brock had on so many of surfing’s greats!

Brock Little from ENCYCLOPEDIA of SURFING videos on Vimeo.

“My brother,my hero, the one I looked up to all my life, passed away today. Love you Brock.” – Clark Little

“Larger than life to me. The world I know will never be the same. I love you, man. Thank you. Brock passed quietly amongst friends and family just a short time ago.” – Kelly Slater

“Much love and respect from our ohana to yours. RIP @brock.little you are missed but never forgotten.” – North Shore Lifeguard Association

“Lost for words. we lost a brother today. RIP Brock I will never forget my first wave at Waimea that you made me go on that ended up being a left coming at me that I almost died on and all of days in the trails ridding dirt bikes or the numerous surf events as kids #FuckCancer my thoughts and prayers go out to the Little Family.” – Sunny Garcia

“Forget those photos of Brock from his last days,This is Brock and he’s happy and he’s in heaven and he’s saying goodbye and he loves us, we miss you but you are free, and I know you are happy. This is the Brock I will remember!” – Brian Bielmann

I am happy and proud to have had the opportunity to grow of with Brock and call him my friend. He was such a cool, calm and collective radical guy! Never one to back down or turn away from any challenge. It’s aweful shame he has been taken from us at such a young age. He will live on through the many memories and in our hearts. My thoughts and prayers are with the Little family. Aloha for now…Sean Wingate

“A few moments ago we lost a Great Waterman , Soldier , one f the most Courageous people I’ve ever had the pleasure to surf with. @brock.little you were ,and still are my hero.” – Ross Clarke Jones

“This photo of Brock little inspires me, just as he did while my brothers and I were growing up. Its crazy to be around in this time watching a whole generation of surfers pass, surfers who have paved the way to what we do today. Brock was one of the most inspirational surfers in big wave surfing and always will be. You will be deeply missed. Condolences to the Little family.” – John John Florence

“Hard to believe a person that is so much larger than life, is gone. His surfing in the 1990 Eddie (pictured here) was literally what made me want to be a big wave surfer as a kid. There was something so undeniably raw and true about his relationship with big water, that it rang true to me even as a child. Years later I would get to know Brock, and he helped me get into stunt work. He epitomized “less talk, more action”, a trait that seems to have become harder and harder to come across these days. Thank you for blazing the way and taking big wave surfing a quantum leap forward. Thank you for the example and the sharing of knowledge.” – Mark Healey

R I P • B R O C K. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. In a surfer interview by Matt Warshaw in 2014 Matt asked him: Is riding big waves a kind of spiritual quest?
Brock:Nah, nothing like that. It’s just the funnest thing ever. There’s nothing better than coming in from riding a huge wave; I’ll be high for a week. And the bigger the waves, the higher I get. Surfer, the Bar

I remember our surf trips to Kauai. If it wasn’t for this guy, we would have never met some of our best friends on the Garden Island. A Hui Hou Kakou. Rest in Aloha. #brocklittle #legend Jan Asuncion


“Charge on for eternity#BrockLittle. @brock.little inspired me to ride big waves. I remember you coming to my junior lifeguard class when I was 11 and speaking to us about the ocean and your career. You were in the #EddieAikau at 18 years old and I wanted to be just like you. I could relate to you being also born and raised in the #NorthShore. No vest no ski no problem! Thoughts and prayers to the Little family.” – Jamie Sterling

“A man who set the bar high and helped pave the way for Surfers today, You are a true legend uncle Brock and legends never die! Aloha my friend may you rest in paradise?? #fuckcancer #BrockLittle– Koa Rothman

“This man is one of the reasons I wanted to be a big wave surfer. When I was young I wanted to surf big waves like @brock.little He was such an animal in and out of the water, not the biggest but guarantee Game! I’m gonna miss you Brock thank u for inspiring me to be as game as i am. Love u Braddah hope u catching good waves with Foo and chesser again. Me ke aloha Pau ‘ole…. Aloha ‘oe.” – Makua Rothman

“We will miss our friend Brock Little. He charged hard all his life. He told me that he was thankful and ready. Some wise man said, “you’re not ready to live until you are ready to die”. Aloha friend, miss you already.” – Eric Arakawa

“Brock Little!!! What a BEAST you were! This guy instilled an enormous amount of courage into a generation of surfers that changed the world. Took on any and every challenge, 100%, and full on. Any run in with Brock was the most refreshing conversation you’d have all week. Mental toughness, talent and the most go for it attitude I’ve ever seen…A life well lived full of radical adventures…God Bless everyone today! RIP Braddah Brock!” – Peter King

“Always was hard on me as a grom growing up on the north shore, always pushing all of us to do better, go bigger , and to stay grounded and humble. I have the highest respect for uncles like Brock and he will always be a part of who I am. Thanks for always being real and painfully honest with me Brock. I hated it then but feel lucky to be close enough to you to get so much shit from you. I will miss you and Cheese always for teaching me tough tough love. RIP Brock.” – Kalani Robb

“I met Brock Little in 1982 when he and his brother @clarklittlemoved schools from punahou to Wailua! Clark soon became my best friend and Brock was always around when we hung out and the Little house in Pupukea! A few years later Brock was the man at 19 years old in the Eddie Aikau contest! Once he wrote a article is @surfer_magazine or @surfingmagazine saying some amazing words about me that I will never forget! I got a chance in the last few months to hang with Brock and I told him how much i love him and his family ! RIP Brock you are and always will be remembered as a legend in the sport of surfing and a true north shore boy!!!” – Liam McNamara

“I’ve had the privilege from the first day til the last to call Brock a true friend and a leader! Gonna miss you my brother!” – Abe Lerner

“Just heard the news of the passing of @brock.little I had a great chat with him just last week over the phone about life and all the things we go through. Brock was straight down the line with everything and very honest. A trait that I respected and admire. On top of that Brock was fearless in the water and inspired so many of the worlds surfers. Love light and prayers to the Little Ohana.” – Mick Fanning

“You will be missed by all. I have great last memories of chatting with Brock during last years Pipeline Masters and getting some incredible insight into swells and got to hear some amazing stories of charging Waimea. RIP #cancersux– Julian Wilson

@brock.little designed me and many generations of surfers after this wave and his Eddie sessions. Brock is my hero and I told him and he teased me. When I was 16 he took care of me and I stayed at his house for winter. He took me surfing secret outer reefs and showed me a new world. I love ya Brock get well I wanna surf and drink beers and talk shit. I miss u and love you and respect you more than anyone.#brockwouldgo #brocklittle?#brockfuknHuge– Koby Abberton

“The mould was well and truly broken with this legend. It was such a highlight to be able to sit next to him in the Eddie circle this year and tell everyone a story of how he inspired me to become a big wave surfer. RIP Brock Little… Lots of love to his family and friends.” – Mark Mathews

“This photo is from a trip we did to Tavarua way back when, also in the photo are Todd Mitsui, Seth Mckinney and even a young @kellyslater on that trip. Great memories – I will miss yah mate. My love goes out to his family – Jim, Doric and @clarklittle and all his friends who are hurting like we are at this time. I am really grateful that I got to spend some quality time with him in these weeks before and know that he passed knowing that he had given his time on earth everything he possibly could and he has left a mark on his sport, culture and global community that shines bright. One of the last things we discussed was how touching it was for him to know that so many people cared and respected what he had done and who he was, Brocky was truly touched by the out pouring of love he has received since diagnosis and that helped him greatly to deal with his situation. Safe travels my little brother, see yah on the other side. Love yah.” – Barton Lynch

“Thankfully I got to talk to you before you passed. And it was a talk just like all the others, straight forward, no bullshit, and funny. Whenever I saw you at the cafe you would at first give me such an annoyed look and then I would just start talking to you anyway and you would light up. My favorite time was in 2005-6 sitting in the channel at Teahupoo talking shit and critiquing everyone in the comp. or imitating @sonnymillerfilms … And I loved hearing your stories of @kobyabbertonwhen you guys went to Vegas. Well I love you and I hope you are up there hanging with Miller. So long pal.” – Brad Gerlach


“Sad to hear the news today. Love you Brock. Was thinking this afternoon of all the great times and just recently our early morning cuppa Joe at the Coffee Gallery. We could talk about nothing and make it funny and entertaining. I will always remember those sessions.. I’m going to miss you my friend.” – Pat O’Connell

“Thank you Brock for all the amazing moments that you shared with the world. You will never be forgotten.” – Timmy Reyes

“Thanks for always making it ‘no big deal.’” – Evan Slater

“No Vest / No Ski / No Problem. Brock Little / Crazier Than You Will Ever Be!!!!! RIP” – Joel Tudor



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