Joao Chianca recovery: news on the 23-year-old’s condition.

Our Prayers are getting answered…We wish Joao a continuing full and fast recovery…SNN

On Dec 8th, João’s Chianca’s family provided an update on the Brazilian pro-surfer’s health on Instagram

“We would like to thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes.

João is recovering and hopes to return to the water soon.

We would also like to thank all the first responders and medical staff at The Queen’s Medical Center who have been caring for João.

The outpouring of support means a lot to our family.”

Earlier story. Video of Joao Chianca’s near fatal fall

Frame grab shows Joao doing everything right…but Backdoor had other plans…

It could happen to anyone…

In case you missed it.

Pipe proved once again why it is one of and arguable thee most most dangerous wave on planet earth.

It lures daredevils and surfing’s greatest talents across the world who want the ride of their life… and maybe even secure a timeless reputation of courage and skill.

João Chianca nearly gave his life for it over the weekend.

Chianca (23), who is ranked No. 4 on the WSL from 2023 is known to be one of today’s best all-round surfers who can handle pretty much anything…and he does…most the time.

He almost died Sunday the 3rd by getting knocked out and dragged under water for several minutes.

Without the quick effective work of the surfers and lifeguards on hand Joao would not have made it.

As the video reveals, Joao was in a packed and heavy line up with some long period double ups. He was all in but too much water jacked, and he had to bail into a pin drop to penetrate and try not to go over the falls. Something happened soon after.

“There was actually three more waves that he got on the head, and he was underneath water,” Honolulu Ocean Safety Lifeguard Ian Bachmann told HNN. “In that moment, things happened so quick, but when we saw his body floating there, we thought we got to get to him as fast as possible.”

Kala Grace was among the Pro Surfers who were shaken. He nearly died last January.

“It was gnarly. I walked straight up, took my leash off, and I was done surfing,” he said. “I saw him lying there completely purple out cold and all the lifeguards around, and all I could see lying on the board was just me because that was just me in January.”

Rescuers knew time was limited. They performed CPR/chest compressions and expelled the seawater and fluid inside Joao. The young world class athlete began to regain consciousness.

He’s improving and in stable condition.

The wipeout took place right smack in front of the “Volcom House,” one of Joao’s sponsors who -along with the entire surf world- wish Joao Godspeed to a full recovery.

Front page and photo above captured the moment and the intensity. Legendary Cameraman Brian Bielmann.

The drop is deceptive…the wave was bigger, thicker and heavier…and the take-off pretty much unmakeable. SNN

VENTILA com Bruno Lemos

Wishing Joao and fast, full, complete recovery. SNN Team

Joao: WSL

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