2016 Top Branch Winners – The U.S. Coast Guard.

June 9, 2016 – Kailua, Hawaii – Members of the U.S. Coast Guard took first place in three of five Active-Duty divisions this past Saturday at the HIC/Quiksilver All-Military Surf Classic, clinching the prestigious “Top Branch” Award for the Coast Guard. Though small surf prevailed it couldn’t dampen the fierce competitive spirit and camaraderie of the surfers at this annual event – which hit a milestone with it’s tenth year running at Oahu’s White Plains Beach.

Presented by MWR-Hawaii, the event is open to active duty and retired US Military and Department of Defense personnel, retirees, and their dependents. Over one hundred and forty surfers competed in fifteen divisions, including Open and Active Duty categories for shortboard and longboard surfing. It’s quite a family affair with competitors ranging from military retirees in their sixties to a quickly expanding keiki division for kids twelve years old and under. Many of these military families can be found each weekend surfing this same stretch of beach on the former Barber’s Point Naval Air Station.

The Coast Guard’s Brooks Koegel – First Place Active Duty Shortboard 30 & Over.

The U.S. Coast Guard’s domination of the Active Duty divisions was led by first place finishers Johnny Dodge – 30 and over Longboard, Brooks Koegel – 30 and over Shortboard, and Tyler Peterson – 17 to 29 Shortboard. Other notable performances came from Logan Harris with her first place finish against the boys and girls of the Keiki division, Austin Prevatt who won the 13 to 17 Open Shortboard with high-performance small wave surfing, and Preeya Prasao who styled her way to first place in the Open Women’s Longboard division. Congratulations to all of the event champions and division finalists.

Austin Prevatt – First Place Open Boy’s 13 to 17 years old.

The All-Military Surf Classic is organized by Marvin Nuestro and the White Plains Lifeguard staff, with the support of MWR-Hawaii, whose mission it is to improve the lives of US Military Personnel and their families. A special mahalo to Quiksilver, Roxy for their continuous support of the All Military Surf Classic throughout the years.

Mahalo to all the brands that provided prizes for the finalists, including Quiksilver, Roxy, Amuse, Billabong, Bubble Gum, Catch Surf, Da Fin, FCS, Go Pole, Gorilla Grip, Hurley, Kicks, Knekt, Matunas Wax, Nose Guard Hawaii, On A Mission, Reef, Rip Curl, Skull Candy, Solarez, Sunbum, Vans, Von Zipper & Xcel.

Hawaiian Island Creations and Quiksilver are honored to support the men and women of the US Armed Forces who proudly serve our country.  Stay safe, keep surfing and enjoy the ride!


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Men’s Shortboard – 17 to 29:

  1. Tyler Peterson
  2. John Ott
  3. Zachary Borg
  4. Daniel Jessurun
  5. Kye Ball
  6. Kyle Camoire

Men’s Shortboard – 30 & Over:

  1. Brooks Koegel
  2. Dane Casson
  3. Bruce Sotire
  4. Zac Pennebacke
  5. Robyn Hamilton & Ari Nelson (Tied)

Men’s Longboard – 17 to 29

  1. David Zoblocki
  2. Marc Hernandez
  3. David Gaylor
  4. Colby Milhe
  5. Robin Pietschmann
  6. Ty Daniels

Men’s Longboard – 30 & Over

  1. John Dodge
  2. John Knight
  3. Jake Kiyohara
  4. Ron Johnson
  5. Glenn Acevedo
  6. Josh Bates

Women’s Longboard – All Ages

  1. Lorna Blackburn
  2. Julie Imahane
  3. Melissa Cooper
  4. Melissa Pascua

2016 Top Branch Award:  U.S Coast Guard

Keiki Boys & Girls – 12 & Under

  1. Logan Harris
  2. Helene Best
  3. Jessi Velino
  4. Caylem Best
  5. Stone Stewart
  6. Hannah Burnhill

Boy’s Shortboard – 13 to 17

  1. Austin Prevatt
  2. Gage Bowers
  3. Nalu Paz
  4. Jacob Jakovenko
  5. Mark Guillot

Men’s Shortboard – 17 to 29

  1. Hayden Bowers

Men’s Shortboard – 30 & Over

  1. Dennis Yamada
  2. Charles Heisey
  3. David Long
  4. Brent Hopson
  5. Jessie Lacuesta

Women’s Shortboard – All Ages

  1. Carmel Tomlinson
  2. Monique Cleary
  3. Kylee Norton
  4. Arielle Paz
  5. Jodi Dahlin
  6. Lani Bergstrom

Women’s Longboard – All Ages

  1. Preeya Prasao
  2. Lori Gaynor
  3. Kylee Kaczmarek
  4. Tracey Velino
  5. Kapua Wamberg
  6. Heather Myers

Men’s Longboard 34 & under

  1. Jimmy Covell
  2. Jericho Piansay
  3. Garrett Smoot
  4. Nathan Smoot
  5. Makena Magnani

Men’s Longboard – 35 to 49

  1. Wendall Villanueva
  2. Matt Pothier
  3. Steve Prevatt
  4. Raul Pacheco
  5. Kirby Scarborough
  6. Cory Cameron

Men’s Longboard – 50 to 59

  1. Gino Bell
  2. Layne Fitzpatrick
  3. Robert Grover
  4. Dennis kaczmarek
  5. Charlie Flynn
  6. Paul Bailey

Men’s Longboard – 60 & Over

  1. Mike Nii
  2. Jim Covell
  3. John Weikum
  4. Buster Kellum
  5. Herb Pruse

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