Tow Surfing 50ft+ Hawaii Biggest Swell in Years (I’m Terrified) :Ben Gravy

Kalani Chapman’s front page moment of survival was on another level. This 60’++ Beast Ate him for a late lunch. SNN

“This Hawaii trip has completely nuts!

First I get injured, then somehow we’re here for what locals are calling the biggest swell in years with 50ft+ Surf & then we score the most epic Waimea River ever!?

What is going on!?

It feels like the Twilight Zone & I’m limping it off as I go, but I’m stoked to be spending some time on the North Shore & scoring some waves as we go!”

Thanks for all the love & stoke!! – Ben

Frame grabs show JOB riding GIANT sets during the famous Jan 16th Episode.

“…I watched Kalani ride a bigger wave than I can even fathom…” Ben G

There was a lot of gunning it…

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