The preceding SSW is not the last!


The forecast is looking good for 2 SSW episodes next week…#1 to be filling in on Tuesday the 20th peaking Wed-Friday about 2-4′ and the next overlapping swell fills Friday the 23rd peaking over the weekend about the same size! TY September! Click the Big Pic & Pat Caldwell links to go deeper. Mahalo and Aloha, SNN

Eimy “Before we caught up with Samantha and the girls at Rockpiles on Monday, we were shooting the surfers at Ala Moana bowls with the drone and it was absolutely firing! We love shooting bowls when the water color is is not murky brown which it has been for many of the bowls videos we’ve shot previously”.

Check out our Ala Moana Bowls Playlist

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