We’d actually think the Legend would have needed more operations than he’s actually had… just think of the stress and abuse Slater’s body has been through the past 30+ years.

Remember, surfing is still mostly a ‘young’ man’s sport. Especially with all the aerial exploration exploding round the planet. Plus, the tour has life & limb threatening venues each and every year. Well, KS has beaten the odds and redefined our sport for decades and he’s also redefined aging.

In case you sorta block it out of your mind, Kelly IS 51. It’s a number that belies reality. Virtually, no other iconic athlete at this level has reached such an unfathomable test of age.

By pushing the limits of surfing and body mechanics Slater has nailed more championships and records than ever thought possible.

But no one gets past Father Time forever.

Godspeed to a full recovery KS!


Here’s the news KS broke of his surgery on Instagram post on September 9th. He asked his followers who they thought was going to win the women’s event. Classic. “On the couch post hip surgery watching the WSL Finals,” wrote Slater wrote with his laid-up leg.

Yes, Slater’s a World Class Surf Fan…

So, it looks like a few months out of the water. Slater will do EVERYTHING so he can be back in the water by winter (December)…from PT to diet to massage and even stem cell treatment.

Note: Despite falling short of the Mid-Season Cut back in Margaret River, and finishing 23rd off the 2023 Championship Tour, Slater was granted a wildcard (back half of the 2023 and the first half of 2024).

The 2024 CT schedule has yet to be announced yet, but the opening event, the Billabong Pro Pipeline, kicks off in late January.

That’s enough time for Slater to heal up and compete…if he wants.

A key incentive for athletes at this level? They want to win. Not just events but World Titles.

Kelly’s last one was in 2011. Will this motivate him or ???. SNN



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