Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational postoned for Wed-Thursday swell.

The Big 30′ NW will not peak at the proper time. It comes in late Wed topping out at night. Winds will be variable as well. Ideally, we need a 15-25′ NW with Trades to peak one full day of comp. SNN.

Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau Opening Ceremony. What it means to be invited into the prestigious event in honor of Hawaii’s famous lifeguard.


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    I have to speak out about the choice of words to describe Eddie Aikau…..he was FAMOUS ( not infamous )…..Eddie was a man amongst men who saved the lives of many lesser men and died trying to save the lives of others…..can you imagine how his family and friends must feel upon seeing the word “infamous” used to describe him?…..Hawaiians have been hurt enough by outsiders yet they still are nice to us…..have some respect and don’t tarnish their legends too!…..Aloha to the Aikau Ohana and Onipaa to Na Kanaka…..Christopher Skapik

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      100% Agree! Was not my writing. I just shared the post. I changed it! Thank you for the catch. Lotsa people dont know the meaning.

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        Hey Gary…..thanks for touching bases…..I didn’t think they were your words…..I tried to search out “Featured” but didn’t have any luck so I just fired the ol’ bazooka out of frustration…..I only go nuts about every ten years so you won’t have to worry about me in the future…..Happy New Year …Chris

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