The 2020 Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic Saturday Feb 29th

 The declining 14sec NW is solid 4′ on the sets with decent side-offshores ENE to NE Trades filling 15-30mph and mostly lefts. SNN

 “Pipeline is like the Super Bowl of bodysurfing, everyone wants time at Pipe, and trains all year for this contest… full of unreal Mana…it has deep power outside that dregs the reef.  There are caves, fingers, and slabs in the reef. It’s very dangerous but makeble too, which is the beauty of the break.”  Sean Enoka

(Freesurf Magazine) The holding period for the 44th annual Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic. This event will be held when the conditions at Pipeline are the best available during the holding period (based on swell and wind direction as well as size).

Each year, for one to two days, watermen from around the world come together and participate in a homegrown event in Hawa’ii involving Bodysurfing.

Bodysurfing, called he’e umauma or kaha nalu in Hawaiian, was first enjoyed by ancient Hawaiians at the break called “Pipeline” today. It is believed that bodysurfing at Pipeline was first inspired by the dolphins seen there, long before the invention of the surfboard.

While boardsurfing has evolved into a visible and highly competitive sport, the main draw to bodysurfing is still as it ever was–the intimate relationship between the ocean and the rider in what is considered by many as the “purest form of waveriding.”

The defending champion Mike Stewart (Hawaii) continues to dominate the field at the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic.

Sixty of the world’s most dedicated bodysurfers will be on-call during the holding period, and will have a ten day window to compete at Pipeline [one to two days of competition] without any surfboards.

Competitors must swim without the use of any type of board into extremely challenging at the world class break known as Pipeline.

Pipeline is world-famous for its fast and powerful breaking waves over a shallow reef. Just as Everest is the gauge of all mountains for mountaineers, Pipeline is the ultimate test for wave-riders from all over the world, rewarding the best with waves of aesthetic perfection.

Each of the 60 bodysurfers compete in preliminary rounds, semi-finals and the top four bodysurfers will compete in an intense final.

Additional Information on the event may be obtained on the web:

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