The 18th Annual Duke’s Oceanfest kicks off Saturday!

Duke’s OceanFest honors Kahanamoku’s spirit and life as a supreme natural waterman. He first became famous for breaking world records and winning several Olympic gold medals for short-distance swimming. He later co-founded one of the world’s first surfing organizations.

The annual OceanFest is held the week of his birthday, with competitions, showcases and events to benefit local student-athletes.

As always, the Duke’s OceanFest takes place mostly at Kūhīo Beach and Queen’s Surf Beach in Waikīkī Aug. 17 to 25, with multiple daily events!


Check out the Calendar of Events HERE

Don’t miss the Matson Menehune’s!

The Surfur Comp is going to the dogs on the 20th!!

The Ocean Mile Swim is always popular!


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