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Vincent Sennen “Sunny” Garcia — 2000 World Champ and six-time triple crown winner over a 14-year span — was one of the guys the Momentum Generation crew looked up to …and still do.

Front Page Frame Grab reveals a hack few get to feel…Sunny hidden inside his power gauge.

Frame Grab shows Straight Up…one of the most powerful surfers ever.

Both tough and soft, fierce and sensitive, Garcia demonstrated how a professional surfing life can endure…beating world champ Tom Carroll at 17 and eventually becoming the oldest to win a WQS event (41) and at one point holding the record for most event wins (22).

Like any life well lived, his career definitely had its ups and downs, but he wore his heart on his sleeve and was pure in his surfing.

A true legend.

These are his sections from Momentum 1 (’92), Momentum 2 (’93), Factory Seconds (’93) and Focus (’94).

Our thoughts and prayers continue for Sunny, his family, and friends…

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