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Surfing Sunset Beach (Oct 17, 2022) 4K

Frame grabs show an outstanding late take off and make! Even he was shocked. Taking off under the lip at Sunset doesn’t usually work. SNN commentary

Look closer and you can see he head and arm in the white-water free fall. SNN

WT? He made it? 🙂 SNN

Paumalu, “taken by surprise

”Sunset Beach Park is located in the land division of Paumalu. A legend explaining the name tells the story of a woman who was known for her ability to catch octopus. Asked by a chief to go to a particular reef in Paumalu, she was met on the beach by an old man. He told her that there was a catch limit at this reef, and that she must not exceed it. The woman agreed, but once in the water she disregarded the warning. Suddenly, a large shark appeared and attacked her, taking off both her legs. Later, when her body was examined, the people saw the marks left by the shark’s teeth. They knew that she had been punished by the guardian of the reef. Alter the incident, the area was named Paumalu, “taken by surprise.” John R. K. Clark’s Beaches Series: Beaches of Oʻahu

  • The Pupukea-Paumalu (Sunset) area is rural, largely undeveloped, with rolling terrain and a 300-foot tall bluff approximately 1,200 feet inland from Kamehameha Highway.

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