Surfboard Carving Art

Image front page: Sophie McCulloch and John John Florence win the Haleiwa Challenger and take-home trophies made by Ruben Aira Jr. WSL Photo

Artist Ruben Aira Jr. continues his form into the new year.
Aira saw the opportunity to carve out a new form of artistry when he saw a surfboard broken on a fence many years ago. Taken with the idea that a board that has carved out lines on the face of giant waves could now be recycled into a brand-new art form by carving beautiful images in its’s foam. A new art form was born, and he continues to perfect and teach this skill around the world.
Aira had to design and make his own carving tools and some of them are as simple as a rice spoon. He is overjoyed at the fact that anyone can find a used surfboard broken or damaged and turn it into an incredible piece of recycled art. He has been working with young and old artists alike to perpetuate this new art form for years to come!
Aira also has made incredible trophies for surf contests in Hawaii. As recently as the Haleiwa Challenger and for the Triple Crown of Surfing. The art form is truly his invention, and he is always taking the work forward with new techniques. His website is beautiful. Take a journey to to see his surfboards and other great works of art. He also has training videos and is always keen to teach anyone the process.
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