Surf Spots are more than just for Surfing

This is a story about a ‘semi-secret’ Pointbreak in Java that’s changing the Local Culture and spawning superb longboarders…Produced by Dare Jennings & Carby Tuckwell, you’ll enjoy the ‘simple life’ getaway they capture.

It’s a small town called Batu Keras in West Java. Along with its rice ag land, it also has a perfect little pointbreak.

Because of this blessing of nature, wave hunting surfers from everywhere have helped to take the town down a new path.

Now, there’s ding repair and surf instruction.

Here’s a story of Deni “Blackboy” Firdaus, one of the first of a new generation of world-class surfers.

Filmed: Andre Cricket
Edited: Nathan Myers
Starring: Deni Firdause, Harrison Roach, Thomas Bexon, Husni Ridwan, Zye Norris, and Matt Cuddihy

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