Sunny Garcia Hospitalized In Portland, Oregon

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Sunny Garcia(49) has been hospitalized in Oregon today in an apparent suicide attempt by hanging, according to reports. Emerging details surrounding his condition are from various sources close to Garcia & they’ve asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of this still-developing story.  Sunny was rushed to the hospital where he was put on life support. He is breathing on his own as of this writing.

We-and the surfing world- are pulling for Legend and sending our thoughts and prayers to Sunny and his Ohana.

Born Vincent Sennen Garcia, Sunny won the 2000 World Champion at 30. Next to Occy, he was the oldest ever to win a Title; at the time 30 was ‘old’ and surf careers were thought to be on the way out. Sunny has a record six Triple Crowns among numerous other surfing accolades.

In 2014, Garcia revealed that he was suffering from depression. “Depression is no joke,” he wrote in a heart-wrenching Instagram post. “Waking up feeling like you’re ready to take on the world, then a couple of hours later, feeling down on life and wondering what’s wrong with you. Well, I know I’m not alone and I’m not sure what’s wrong with me because I have no reason to feel the way I do and it’s been happening for about two years. I would love to hear from any of you who suffer these feelings so I can figure out what I should do.”

Since his struggle with depression began, Sunny has had the ups & downs. “Doesn’t get easier,” he wrote this April 2019. “You just get stronger so as long as you keep fighting to be better. Life can be beautiful and sure we might have those moments when you just want to give up, but you have made it so far, so keep fighting. I’ve been having some bad days but I’m back to training and seriously been feeling a lot better.”

We will keep you posted on this developing story.

It’s the real deal…depression is dangerous. If you or anyone you know is struggling with depression, please reach out to loved ones. ASK 4 HELP. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-237-TALK (8255)

More info: A legend: Garcia, was one of the most ferocious competitive surfers of all time, competing full-time on the World Tour for almost 20 years. Though he left the Tour in 2005, Sunny has continued to surf in select events ever since. He is known to be one of the most powerful surfers ever.

In the years since Garcia left the World Tour, the Hawaiian champ has faced various legal and personal battles and has recently taken to social media to discuss his ongoing struggle with depression.


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Doesn’t matter what kind of mental illness you suffer from, we all suffer in silence and deal with it best we can and most people that don’t suffer can’t understand the pain and frustration that we go through:( I have a incredible life surrounded by people that love and care for me, and I get to travel to beautiful places to surf and meet different people from all over the world but I can tell you when I get down that none of that matters. I just feel like nothing or anyone can help me at the particular time so I just keep sharing my feelings hoping that it helps any of you out there that suffers from anything and encourage you to reach out and talk to others like yourself because this life can really be beautiful. If we all just talk and let it out so others see that it’s ok to share and we are not alone in this suffering:) spent the morning curled in my dark closet feeling like I just didn’t want to be here anymore but I know that this shitty feeling will leave and my day will get better and I hope you all know that your days will get better as well. you just need to find what gets you through those moments in life🙏🏽 hope you all have a great day. Also thank you to everyone that has reached out and shared with me on my page I really appreciate all the love and support

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