Stoke or Terror? Tubed baby polarizes surf community

Water torture of sheer stoke? You decide

Surf News Network, 18 March, 2015.  The video of a 9-month-old baby getting tubed has divided the online community into two camps: One who says this is clearly a stoked baby and the other camp who says the child’s face if one of sheer terror and the kid will be traumatized for the rest of his life.

A week ago Jorge Tirado took his boy bodyboarding with a mounted GoPro. Jorge was fortunate enough to score a little head dip tube for baby and the clip has gone viral. The camera recorded the baby’s expressions ranging from a slight smile to an open-mouthed frown.

The Blemish headline was less than appreciative of the aquatic excercise: “Surfer Dad Shares Love of Ocean by Nearly Drowning 9-Month Old Son.” They went on to say “Jorge Tirado took his 9-month old son out to the ocean, strapped the helpless kid onto his board and recorded it on video. Tirado probably expected his kid to clap happily and have the time of his life. Guess what? That baby probably shat little nuggets of terror. Look at the baby’s face…is that joy? No, that’s sheer panic.”

The Huffington Post headline had a different tone for the clip: “Baby Surfing First Wave Is The Epitome Of Pure Bliss.” Further in the article the HPost wrote: “What does happiness look like? If Jorge Tirado’s latest surf video is any indication, it looks like a baby riding a wave for the very first time.”

We’ve embedded the clip below. Take a look. Decide.


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