SURF N SEA BLOW OUT 11.16-1.31.23  728X90

So good it’s amazing & amusing

It’s like seeing it for the first time…every time! Front page frame grab shows John John near 18′ above the trough. SNN

Frame grab above shows how far ahead his instincts lead him…prepping with a stall. Reading the wave perfectly. SNN

Above: Here’s where most surfers would be racing to beat that near 3′ thick lip behind them…SNN

John never wastes arm movement. Often, they’re down by his side. Here he casually preps for flight. SNN

Still on the way up into rarified surfing stratosphere…SNN

A Freebird, scooping in for a landing in perfect form…

That’s not a subtle ‘blown away claim’ or ‘tears of joy’ by John…it’s just a quick clearing of the eyes…Seabirds get it too. Thank You very much. SNN


“John’s in complete relationship with the ocean. He didn’t manufacture that, he followed it. It’s what makes his surfing art”. LifeSavor ASMR

“That has to be one of the biggest aerials ever landed in surfing”. Tubular Animator

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