Sharing the Stoke with Kila

One of our regular little guys, Director Kila, has made a couple of home movies for us!

We love sharing the stoke and hope you’ll continue to pass it on! 🙂 Aloha!  ACCESS SURF …DROP IN HERE

We have had the pleasure of watching our (not so little anymore) guy, Kila grow in so many ways in the last several years. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Kilakilaokalani Moniz, but Kila is what I go by. I am from from Kuliouou. In my free time I like to surf of course and draw and play Just Dance.
2. How and when did you hear about and attend your first Accessurf event?
We heard about Accessurf from my Uncle Tony Moniz. I started comin when I was 5 that’s when I met Ms. Amanda and Aunty Shaina. I love them soooo… much! Oh..and I can’t wait to see Aunty Brittney again.
3. What does AccesSurf mean to you?
Surfing at Accessurf helps make me feel normal and free. And I get to meet lot’s of really cool people who just accept me.
4. What is you favorite memory at AccesSurf?
Surfing with Aunty Shaina at Christmas time. But every time was always a good time.
5. Any last words/remarks?
Accessurf has been amazing for our entire family. It was the one thing that we knew was going to happen on the first Saturday of every month. We were always grateful for that “Beach Day” you remined us to have. You have some of the most amazing volunteers who never give up on finding a way to make sure a participant gets to experience what Kila has.
Thank you for all you do AccesSurf!
The Moniz Ohana

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