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Scoring Heavy Waves with Eli Olson, Brett Barley, and Torrey Meister in Episode 7 of Strike Missions

O’Neill Strike Missions is a film series documenting Team O’Neill’s surf adventures across the globe.

It’s all about tracking swell and striking when the time is right, hoping the gamble pays off and the risk is worth the reward.

In the end, the journey is often as memorable as the destination.

The small, coastal cities of Mainland Mexico are home to some of the best beach breaks in the globe, where proper south swells produce heavy, hollow, thumping waves.

Hoping to tap into some of the magic and strike gold, Team O’Neill riders Brett Barley, Eli Olson, and Torrey Meister caught a last-minute flight in hopes of scoring one of the best Southern Hemi swells of the year.

Watch Episode 7 of Strike Missions: Parque Jurasico.

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