Qualifying: The US Open of Surfing, RedBull, part two

It’s isnt easy. But these Pros know how to lose as well as win. Watch 5 surfers navigate the US Open pressure cooker as they continue on the road to qualification.

sk a groupie, ask a fan, or just ask an athlete — and they’ll all tell you that there isn’t any event like the US Open of Surfing. Held annually in Huntington Beach, the Open is a bona fide circus. It attracts record-shattering crowds year after year, all in a place that isn’t quite as picturesque as Fiji.

With challenging conditions in the water — and more than madness on land — Evan Geiselman, Damien Hobgood, Pat Gudauskas, Nathan Hedge and Ezekiel Lau all try to use the US Open to get them one step closer to achieving their goal of a berth on the 2015 WCT. Is it dramatic? Sure. So watch it all unfold in the newest episode of Qualifying.

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