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PT. 2 PANAMA STRIKE MISSION! “One of the Best Waves of My Life” + Huge Silverbacks + Sloths

Yeah, Koa’s in there somewhere…in the dark.

“I went into this state of flow, and when that wave came I just went,” says Koa, (crazy clip at 5:45).

“I took off behind the pizza slice, took a late drop, barely made it under the lip, and then pumped up and saw the whole dark ocean folding over me.

I came out on the other side of that wave and my mind was so blown that all my emotions just exploded out of my hands.

It ended up being one of the best waves of my life.”

Surfing SILVERBACKS starts @ 4:11, Beach break surfing starts @ 8:00

Koa Smith and Travis Smith strike mission a HUGE swell in Panama!
Part two of one of the best surf adventures to date. SILVERBACKS GOES NEXT LEVEL!
Travis meets a friggin SLOTH!

And the beach breaks blow our freakin minds!

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