Portugal’s prodigious surfing son

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There are Timeless success strategies coming out of Cascais, Portugal

“He’s really a courageous surfer…He’s not scared to do the hard work to get where he wants to be. He puts himself out there to do that…he takes on the criticism…he doesn’t like it, but he takes it on…” Former WCT’r Richard ‘Dog’ Marsh

“The more pressure and desire…the more pleasure he has in doing what he’s doing.” (Uncle Tomaz Morias)


Episode 2. A journey through the life of Frederico Morais. A film by Dinis & Gustavo.

For this episode, we’ll throw back to what happen during the year 2016, the ultimate year when Frederico Morais achieved his dream: the qualification to the World Tour.

Archive Footage provided by www.worldsurfleague.com

Note: Morias’ final rating was 23 in 2019…right outside the cut.

Just more pressure and desire…and pleasure for the man.

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