‘Our equipment wasn’t strong enough; we had to rewrite the science of the leash’

The people have spoken and we have listened! The 2017 leash redesign is a complete over-haul from the rail saver to the cuff. We have redesigned the cuff with molded neoprene to be lighter weight, more comfort, and less slip when the cuffs on the ankle. We have redesigned molded opti-flex leashes ends for maximum durability. We are using the highest quality urethane dura-cord for maximum strength. We are using posi-lock hook and loop so the leash never rips off. This design was originally built to withstand the power of Peahi “Jaws”. We took all the technology from the Peahi leash and implemented it into every leash we make. We are confident that Dakine has the best leashes on the market.

DAKINE 2017 Leash Redesign from TAKE SHELTER PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

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