Nazaré – TOP 5 BIG WAVES & Dramatic Rescue

See the top 5 rides ever at Nazare and an extreme wipeout and rescue.

5 insane huge rides by #5 Lucas Chumbo #4 Justine Dupont #3 Kai Lenny Foil Ride #2 Kai Lenny #1 Sebastian Stedudtner. and dramatic rescue of Sebastian Stedudtner.

German Big Wave Surfer Sebastian Steudtner, 33 years old, rode a spectacular monster wave in Portugal’s Nazaré during the giant swell that was the biggest waves ever ridden.

Action starts with top 5 big wave rides at Nazare then insane water rescue of Professional Big Wave Surfer Sebastien getting towed into a massive wave in Nazaré, Portugal, during the big wave Century Swell, which was one of the biggest days ever.

After making it down the face of the wave, Sebastien gets caught by the white water and pushed underwater.

His jetski driver and additional water patrol comes to the rescue but they can do not locate him as the next wave is fast approaching.

Sebastien can not signal his team as another wave is about to crush him. He has been surfing big waves for over five years, he knows he must remain calm to survive.

Sebastien  saves his energy and prepares for impact by a massive wave. He is at risk of drowning after already the physical exhaustion of surviving his original wipeout.

The jetski safety team can not intervene and he’s is still in danger.

One of the jet ski’s has flipped over after trying to join the rescue.

After taking a heavy beating Sebastien Steutner is finally pushed to shore where is almost so safety.

Sebastien Steutner received no injuries and he was back surfing right away.

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