Nazare Big Wave Rescue

The 86-foot wave German surfer Sebastian Steudtner caught at Nazaré in Oct 2020 earned him the current Guinness World Record for largest wave ever surfed.

“Three years ago today we defined what’s possible, biggest wave ever surfed, world record, history made 🌎🏆. Let my story be the proof that you need to get up and move your ass, set your goals high and hunt them down 💯⚔️ I’m from a place with no waves and didn’t start surfing till I was 18 years old. Impossible is nothing if you charge into life, you can do! SS

But this day shown below nearly took his life (Jan 23rd)…and he felt it. Sebastian paying his dues…and it looks bigger than his world record wave. SNN

Josh Pomer Surfing posted the video above and captioned it:

“Nazare Big Wave Rescue”

The video shows Steudtner getting towed into a giant wave. He makes it down the face until the whitewater takes him out, pushing him underwater.

He’s under for so long that jet skis looking for him can’t find him. When he finally makes it to the surface, he’s in the impact zone but the skis are on the shoulder.

Press play above to watch what unfolds.

Viewers were pretty baffled. Check out their comments below:

“What’s heavier the that dude?!?”

“The 30 ft whitewater explosion AFTER the wave broke at :56 is flat out scary. The dude is a rag doll in the middle of where that energy is being produced.”

“Is that wave a record?…that wave was humongous. I appreciated the efforts of the ski rescuers but it appears that both men were pushed ashore by the waves. Without the inflatables neither would have probably survived.”

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