MONSTER WIPEOUT: Trevor Carlson 3.11.2024 – Mavericks Awards

First Frame grab …before the bounce.

On March 11, 2024, a late-season swell snuck into Half Moon Bay, California.

Daring big wave surfer Trevor Sven Carlson flew out from the North Shore of O’ahu to get a piece of the action.

While this had to be one of the tallest waves of the day, it also made for the worst wipeout as a bump in the wave face sent Trevor flying onto belly without penetrating the water.

He took a few massive waves on the heads in the aftermath, and luckily made it home safe to his family.

“After seeing a couple sets stand up on the outer ledge, I followed Peter Mel outside hoping to find a lucky chip shot.

Eventually he paddled back in saying something like, ‘We’re dreaming,’ so I joked that I’ll keep dreaming.

A few minutes later this approachable-looking teepee popped up and it felt right so I gave it a go…

It’s the ones you don’t make that fire you up so I’ll keep coming back.”

– Trevor Sven Carlson 3.11.2024

Cliff angle by: Elle Adams

Water angle by: Jack Sandler

Edit by: Shannon

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