Mick Fanning | One Session

A vid archive treat. Lets go back some years and see current World Champ and Bells Champ Mick annihilate a Mexican right that’s so perfect it could make u puke.  If only Bells could ever get this good.

“This footage was taken somewhere in Mexico back in 2011. I will never forget watching Mick absolutely wreck havoc on this sand point break. We were with Dane, Shane, Benny B. , Bottle,Fisher, and Nutty. Dane and Mick were the clear standouts of the trip. But, it was this session that separated Mick from the rest of the crew and put him in a league of his own when it came to surfing perfect right hand point breaks. Dane walked away with the move of the trip with his crazy turn at Bamba. Mick walked away with the session of the trip hands down.

“Midnight City”

A huge thank you goes out to Heath “Nutty” Walker for inviting me to go on this trip of a lifetime. I will never forget these few days we spent way south of the boarder”.

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