Mason Ho Surfs Big Waimea Bay On Black Friday

There’s more to Waimea than meets the eye….

Michael Ho takes his son Mason to Waimea Bay during a big swell on Black Friday. Mason tests out a new Waimea gun Matt Biolos put some extra special work into.

We did not put in 3 of Mason’s best clips from this session because they are being saved for “SNAPT5 The Final Cut”.

Stay tuned for a extra special MHO section coming soon!

Filming: Rory Pringle, Chaddy Witz, Surfaboi808’s wahine, Eala Dolla’s wahine, Zeppelin Zeerip.

Surfers: All kine.

Thumbnail frame: John Hook.

Jams: The Eighties – killing joke. Mom collection.

Location: WAIMEA BAY. North Shore Oahu.

All surfboard info in end credit roll plus ding report.

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