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Mason Ho Surfing Very CRAZY Waimea River

Hard to see with still shots but the water was moving at 30mph+ into a raging bay of brown…Surf was XL outside. SNN
Straight up the heaviest hose I’ve ever seen…GQ/SNN
“Barely survived…the craziest river mouth I’ve ever been a part of…’ Mason Ho

This week, the Hawaiian Islands were battered with days of 40mph storm winds, massive waves, torrential rain and even hail.

With the weather finally clearing, Mason Ho grabs his trusty ’96 Fish from …Lost Surfboards and runs down to Waimea Bay to catch the river overloaded and ready to blow.

Always Listen to the lifeguards and Merry Christmas everyone!

Surfers: Mason Ho, Jamie O’Brien, Dylan ‘Muddy’ Graves

Filmers: Rory Pringle

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