Surf n Sea 728×90 generic 2/1/22-

Mason -and friends-always have fun, period.

But you gotta pay attention and move quickly too…

Yeah, there’s a body in there…

Ho Dynasty Style…engrained

Near shore end carve…

Surfing In Paradise

Mason Ho and Sheldon Paishon surf a mystical day here in paradise.

Then the boys get a surprise FaceTime from Mick Fanning while on The Search.

Surfers: Mason Ho, Sheldon Paishon, Blaize Cannon, Ronson Silva, Red Eye Jedi & many more.

Filming: Rory Pringle & John Saru.

Jams: Down The Road (1970)

Location: North Shore Oahu. All surfboard info in end credit roll plus ding report.

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