Mark Healey Hellman status elevates on Biggest paddle in at Puerto ever.


Puerto Escondido is flooded. The XXL surf is taking the streets of Mexico for one hell of a ride. Naturally, madman Mark Healey is a culprit, caught red-handed on the biggest bomb of the morning.

The photo is mind-boggling. It’s a wave so big it challenges what is possible by paddle power alone. Just a day after the Big Wave Awards, Healey found himself right smack in the middle of one of the biggest days Puerto Escondido has seen in decades. And of course, Healey found himself right smack in the middle of one of the biggest waves of the day.

“Today was honestly twice as big as the biggest I’ve ever seen it here,” he told Stab, who has his phone number. “The energy and the water moving was just… so beyond anything I’ve ever seen here. Everything else pales in comparison.”

According to local big wave surfer Coco Nogales, it was the heaviest surf Mexico has seen in twenty years. And both eyewitnesses and big wave surfing aficionados are tossing around the phrase “biggest paddle-in wave ever” – and almost certainly at Puerto Escondido.

We will trust the locals on this one. Mainland Mex saw the heaviest surf in decades this weekend, and it’s not over yet. Here are a few accounts of what will go down as an epic day in the history books:

“It was really scary out there this morning. Glad everyone is OK. Managed to be in the right place for a solid one on my @meeksboards @wrv1967 9’8”.” – Mark Healey

“Today was the craziest ocean I have ever seen in at least twenty years. Respect to everyone who was out there, very glad that I got to make it out and recue @othochouf. Thank God we made it.” – Coco Nogales

And a horror story by Othane Choufani, the survivor:

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    Mark is a Man $ Waterman in my Eyes and is Big wave Award or Awards is Coming Soon, because he is letting the other guys get there’s first. I have seen him come a long way and he is at the Door. Just Push because the Pulling is Over. Its 2015/16 XXXL… Aloha Willie Grace X-ASP Judge Hawaiian

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