Dominant Performances Determine Finals Day Draw for Local Motion Surf Into Summer…

 …At Home In The Hawaiian Islands

  • Erin Brooks’ Unstoppable Form Carries Back to QS Competition
  • Vaihitimahana Inso Decimates Her Debut at Home
  • Jackson Bunch Notches Best Performance So Far, Puts Field On Alert
  • Shion Crawford Surges to Start Regional Title Defense
Pictured: Erin Brooks (CAN) returned to Ala Moana Bowls with gusto and posted a near-perfect heat in her Quarterfinals debut. Credit: © WSL / Heff

ALA MOANA BOWLS, Oahu, Hawaii (Tuesday, June 11, 2024) – A slight drop in swell didn’t put a damper on performances at the Local Motion Surf Into Summer At Home In The Hawaiian Islands, first event of the 2024/2025 World Surf League (WSL) Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Qualifying Series (QS). Men’s top seeds rounded out their debuts with powerful displays in the Round of 64, Heats 5 through 16 before the women made their outstanding debuts. Women’s Round of 24 and Quarterfinal action lit up Ala Moana Bowls and now Finals Day is locked in. The Longboard Regional QS 1,000 was called OFF for the day with their event starting tomorrow, June 12.

Erin Brooks’ Unstoppable Form Carries Back to QS Competition

The women got their Ala Moana Bowls campaigns underway and the top seeds stole the show after early threats made their opening statements. Current Challenger Series rankings leader Erin Brooks (CAN) can’t stay away from the jersey and unleashed her world-class forehand in her Quarterfinal debut. Brooks’ precision and power garnered a 9.25 (out of a possible 10) and 18.25 (out of a possible 20) heat total over former event victor Moana Jones Wong (HAW), who also advanced. Now, Brooks and Jones Wong look to continue their form into Finals Day.

“I came here just to score some fun waves at Bowls, it’s so good,” said Brooks. “I don’t have to worry about points which is really nice and I can surf freely. Having two good results on the Challenger Series against all those really good girls and some of those girls are here so I know it’s not going to be easy. I was really stoked to get to nines since the free surfs have been really crowded.”

Pictured: Vaihitimahana Inso (HAW) enjoyed every second of her home lineup and earned a 9.00 along the way. Credit: © WSL / Nichols

Vahitimahana Inso Decimates Her Debut at Home

The South Shore’s own Vaihitimahana Inso (HAW) took over her home lineup in powerful form on her forehand attack. Inso’s decimating power and timing on each critical section garnered a massive 17.35 heat total with all four of her waves going good to excellent, posting a 9.00 in the process. Now, Inso prepares for a big Finals Day when competition returns to the water in hopes of a QS win at home.

:”It’s the best feeling and I can’t stop smiling,” said Inso. “I’m at my home break, the waves are firing and it’s like a little wave pool, and there’s only three people out. It’s like a dream come true. It feels good to get a better start than last year and losing in the first round so it’s nice to make a heat. This definitely helps my confidence and I think just having a contest at home helps it that much more.”

Also earning impressive Quarterfinal wins, Eweleiula Wong (HAW) and Nora Liotta (HAW) returned to form in Hawaiian waters with Semifinal appearances awaiting.

Jackson Bunch Notches Best Performance So Far, Puts Field On Alert

Maui’s World Junior Championships runner-up, Jackson Bunch (HAW) stormed Ala Moana Bowls with his vicious forehand attack to garner an immaculate 17.85 heat total, the best performance in the Round of 64. Bunch returns to the QS following his second full-time year on the Challenger Series start and continues to showcase his potential.

“That was good, the waves were slow and wanted to get a couple warmup waves and just stoked to make it through the heat,” said Bunch. “It’s nice to be doing contests. We don’t have too many here but it’s nice to get as many heats as I can and eventually get me to the place I want to be. The waves are firing and it doesn’t get any better when it’s Bowls with just three other guys out.”

Shion Crawford Surges to Start Regional Title Defense

After a tough start to the 2023/2024 season at this event last year, Shion Crawford (HAW) went on to claim his maiden QS Regional crown and came out firing at Ala Moana Bowls today. Crawford’s sensational backhand attack led to an a decimating 17.80 heat total – including a near-perfect 9.05. The North Shore’s newest threat to the world’s elite is back in home waters after his start to the Challenger Series and is embracing it to the fullest.

“It was a pretty fun heat and just caught a couple good sets, did a couple turns and it was pretty fun,” said Crawford. “I knew it was getting a little slower so I just tried to bank two good waves. I’m not really focused on Challenger Series while I’m home and just focused on this one right now. I want to have some fun in this event and do my best surfing in this event.”

Makana Franzmann (HAW) and Luke Tema (HAW) couldn’t be stopped in their respective Round of 64 showings, posting excellent 16-point heat plus heat totals. They join the likes of Thatcher Johnson (HAW), after a massive upset in a slow heat, Rylan Beavers (HAW), Shayden Pacarro (HAW), Eala Stewart (HAW), Oliver Zietz (HAW), Hauroa Maiotui (PYF), Barak Maor (HAW), and more into Finals Day.

Event organizers have called the Local Motion Surf Into Summer At Home In The Hawaiian Islands Longboard Regional Qualifying Series event ON for an 8:00 a.m. HST start. Two winners will be crowned along with Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Longboard Regional victors who will join the 2024 WSL Longboard Tour.

The men’s and women’s QS has been called OFF for tomorrow, June 12.

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Local Motion Surf Into Summer Women’s Quarterfinal Results:
HEAT 1: Erin Brooks (CAN) 18.25 DEF. Moana Jones Wong (HAW) 14.65, Zoie Zietz (NLD) 11.85, Isla Sexton (HAW) 11.15
HEAT 2: Eweleiula Wong (HAW) 13.60 DEF. Skai Suitt (USA) 13.00, Haylee Boverman (HAW) 11.05, Zoe McDougall (HAW) 9.85
HEAT 3: Nora Liotta (HAW) 15.00 DEF. Puamakamae DeSoto (HAW) 10.70, Lucy Jarrard (ASM) 10.55, Malia Lima (HAW) 7.25
HEAT 4: Vaihitimahana Inso (HAW) 17.35 DEF. Keala Tomoda-Bannert (HAW) 15.95, Emily Nishimoto (JPN) 12.50, Kiara Goold (PYF) 11.90

Local Motion Surf Into Summer Women’s Round of 24 Results:
HEAT 1: Zoie Zietz (NLD) 17.60 DEF. Haylee Boverman (HAW) 11.50, Kiki Oshiro-Kaneshiro (HAW) 9.50
HEAT 2: Skai Suitt (USA) 15.75 DEF. Isla Sexton (HAW) 14.15, Tia Rista (USA) 10.10, Ellie Brown (HAW) 8.90
HEAT 3: Malia Lima (HAW) 15.00 DEF. Emily Nishimoto (JPN) 12.75, Chesney Guinotte (HAW) 11.50
HEAT 4: Kiara Goold (PYF) 15.50 DEF. Lucy Jarrard (ASM) 11.90, Irie Fitzgerald (GUM) 9.10, Kauanu Moleta (HAW) 4.45

Local Motion Surf Into Summer Men’s Round of 64, Heats 5 – 16 Results:
HEAT 5: Cody Young (HAW) 15.15 DEF. Ezekiel Lau (HAW) 13.25, Gregg Nakamura (HAW) 12.25, Steve Roberson (HAW) 9.00
HEAT 6: Barak Maor (HAW) 13.60 DEF. Kala Willard (HAW) 13.55, Isaiah Moniz (HAW) 12.45, Sam Debonet (USA) 11.65
HEAT 7: Makana Franzmann (HAW) 16.10 DEF. Finn McGill (HAW) 14.60, Roran Mullen (HAW) 12.10, Koalaukani Ramos-Saunders (HAW) 9.35
HEAT 8: Thatcher Johnson (HAW) 13.00 DEF. Kei Kobayashi (USA) 11.30, Eli Hanneman (HAW) 8.75, Ioane Jarrard (ASM) 7.30
HEAT 9: Shion Crawford (HAW) 17.80 DEF. Jae Wood (HAW) 13.55, Taj Newton (HAW) 9.15, Eric Roberson (HAW) 8.90
HEAT 10: Rylan Beavers (HAW) 15.90 DEF. Cole Alves (HAW) 14.50, Kalanoweo Desoto (HAW) 11.45, Kaiano Costa (HAW) 8.25
HEAT 11: Oliver Zietz (NLD) 15.75 DEF. Kai Paula (HAW) 15.00, MaiKai Burdine (HAW) 13.75, Koa Rothman (HAW) 10.15
HEAT 12: Shayden Pacarro (HAW) 15.00 DEF. Mason Ho (HAW) 12.25, Liam Wilson (HAW) 11.90, Kaleohoneakekai Relator (HAW) 10.95
HEAT 13: Luke Tema (HAW) 16.60 DEF. Luke Swanson (HAW) 16.25, Kai Martin (HAW) 14.85, Jackson Dorian (HAW) 9.10
HEAT 14: Hauroa Maiotui (PYF) 14.75 DEF. Legend Chandler (HAW) 14.25, Diego Ferri (HAW) 13.65, Shiloh Tennberg (HAW) 10.65
HEAT 15: Eala Stewart (HAW) 14.80 DEF. Matteus Santos (HAW) 14.10, Levi Young (HAW) 13.20, Billy Kemper (HAW) 10.25
HEAT 16: Jackson Bunch (HAW) 17.85 DEF. Sage Tutterow (HAW) 13.25, Braiden Maither (HAW) 9.85, Zac Hedemann (HAW) 6.15



Ala Moana Bowls Delivers Iconic Start to Local Motion Surf Into Summer At Home In The Hawaiian Islands

Near-Perfection Courtesy of Nalu Deodato Sets the Standard

Brodi Sale Back in Hawaii Waters and Thriving

Excellent Heat Total From Luke Tema Puts Top Seeds on Alert

Pictured: Nalu Deodato (HAW) delivered an impeccable debut for a near-perfect 9.50 and easy passage into the Round of 32 where he will start his Finals Day run. Credit: © WSL / Heff

ALA MOANA BOWLS, Oahu, Hawaii (Monday, June 10, 2024) – Some of the best conditions ever seen at the Local Motion Surf Into Summer At Home In The Hawaiian Islands, first event of the 2024/2025 World Surf League (WSL) Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Qualifying Series (QS), provided an opening day spectacle. The men’s Round of 96 and Round of 64, Heats 1 – 4, ran in pumping, six-to-eight foot wave faces and dominant performances ensued. The women’s QS and Longboard Regional QS 1,000 were called OFF for the day.

Near-Perfection Courtesy of Nalu Deodato Sets the Standard

Top seeds reset the scale and Nalu Deodato (HAW) led the surge with a near-perfect 9.50 (out of a possible 10) in his Round of 64, Heat 1 debut. Deodato’s, 17, impeccable timing and commitment to each section put him a commanding lead to start the heat before finding his backup to all but secure a debut win. Now, the North Shore, Oahu, competitor has more work with the heats stacking up each new round.

“It’s so fun even though it’s a little hard, in between size, but when you find the one it’s so perfect right now and I’m super stoked to get to the next round,” said Deodato. “I had a couple big names in that heat so I was just stoked to do my surfing. I’ve been trying to stay mentally ready. I’ve had some trouble with heats in the past so I wanted to stay calm and just surf my best.”

Brodi Sale Back in Hawaii Waters and Thriving 

Big Island’s top threat Brodi Sale (HAW) made his presence known to surge in an excellent debut, posting a 16.20 (out of a possible 20) heat total. Sale’s dynamic backhand surfing connected with hefty Bowls sections to find his form early on for a second straight year. Now, the 21-year-old returns to the QS to start a fresh season in hopes of surging forward and kicking off his year in a big way.

“That was perfect Bowls after I was watching for about an hour before my heat it was in between ‘Big Bowl’ and ‘Middles’ but in my heat it was just high enough tide,” said Sale. “I could’ve had a nine that I fell on but I won’t complain with two eights and my boards feel good, my mental is good, I’m stoked. We don’t get too many events so any time in a jersey you have to make the most of it. I surfed the CT this year but I haven’t surfed the regional events since Haliewa so it’s good to have confirmation I’m doing all the right things.”

Deodatu and Sale’s fellow top-seeded competitors took control with Joshua Moniz (HAW), 15.00 heat total, and Robert Grilho (HAW), notching a 15.35 heat total, finished off opening day with a flurry of action in continued pulsing Ala Moana Bowls conditions.

Excellent Heat Total From Luke Tema Puts Top Seeds on Alert

Emerging talent Luke Tema (HAW) put the event on notice with an excellent 8.50, the highest single-wave score of the Round of 96, after delivering multiple critical maneuvers on a Ala Moana Bowls gem. The North Shore’s own, Tema, has his eyes set on a bigger result and looks to carry this momentum into the top-seeded Round of 64 when competition resumes.

“That was the best QS heat of my life,” said Tema. “Bowls delivered me another gem and I actually blew it. I got lipped on the drop, but I’ll correct that mistake in the next round. It’s just the first round so I won’t get too ahead of myself or too excited. But the waves are firing so it’s amazing.”

A brilliant showing from Oliver Zietz (HAW) and Hauroa Malotui (PYF) added their names to the list of opening day standouts, both accruing an excellent score and 15-point plus heat totals. Now, Zietz, Malotui, and fellow Round of 96, Heats 5 – 16 competitors who advanced will match up with the Round of 64 top seeds awaiting to make their debuts.
Event organizers have called the Round of 64, Heat 5 of competition ON for an 8:00 a.m. HST start on Monday, June 10. Women’s Round of 24 and Quarterfinals have also been called ON following men’s action. Men’s and women’s longboard competition has been called OFF.

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Local Motion Surf Into Summer Men’s Round of 64:
HEAT 1: Nalu Deodato (HAW) 16.50 DEF. Ido Arkin (ISR) 13.40, Mihimana Braye (PYF) 10.90, Philippe Chagas (BRA) 8.35
HEAT 2: Brodi Sale (HAW) 16.20 DEF. Kylen Yamakawa (HAW) 13.35, Sheldon Paishon (HAW) 12.50, Kainehe Hunt (HAW) 11.40
HEAT 3: Joshua Moniz (HAW) 15.00 DEF. Kaulana Apo (HAW) 13.55, Kane Turalde (HAW) 13.00, Ezra Clark (HAW) 11.55
HEAT 4: Robert Grilho (HAW) 15.35 DEF. Logan Bediamol (HAW) 14.75, Tiger Abubo (HAW) 13.55, Bob Hennessy (USA) 12.50
HEAT 5: Cody Young (HAW) vs. Ezekiel Lau (HAW) vs. Steve Roberson (HAW) vs. Gregg Nakamura (HAW)
HEAT 6: Isaiah Moniz (HAW) vs. Kala Willard (HAW) vs. Barak Maor (HAW) vs. Sam Debonet (USA)
HEAT 7: Finn McGill (HAW) vs. Makana Franzmann (HAW) vs. Roran Mullen (HAW) vs. Koalaukani Ramos-Saunders (HAW)
HEAT 8: Eli Hanneman (HAW) vs. Kei Kobayashi (USA) vs. Thatcher Johnson (HAW) vs. Ioane Jarrard (ASM)
HEAT 9: Shion Crawford (HAW) vs. Jae Wood (HAW) vs. Taj Newton (HAW) vs. Eric Roberson (HAW)
HEAT 10: Cole Alves (HAW) vs. Rylan Beavers (HAW) vs. Kalanoweo Desoto (HAW) vs. Kaiano Costa (HAW)
HEAT 11: Kai Paula (HAW) vs. MaiKai Burdine (HAW) vs. Oliver Zietz (NLD) vs. Koa Rothman (HAW)
HEAT 12: Shayden Pacarro (HAW) vs. Mason Ho (HAW) vs. Kaleohoneakekai Relator (HAW) vs. Liam Wilson (HAW)
HEAT 13: Kai Martin (HAW) vs. Luke Swanson (HAW) vs. Luke Tema (HAW) vs. Jackson Dorian (HAW)
HEAT 14: Diego Ferri (HAW) vs. Shiloh Tennberg (HAW) vs. Hauroa Maiotui (PYF) vs. Legend Chandler (HAW)
HEAT 15: Eala Stewart (HAW) vs. Billy Kemper (HAW) vs. Levi Young (HAW) vs. Matteus Santos (HAW)
HEAT 16: Jackson Bunch (HAW) vs. Sage Tutterow (HAW) vs. Braiden Maither (HAW) vs. Zac Hedemann (HAW)

Local Motion Surf Into Summer Men’s Round of 96:
HEAT 1: Philippe Chagas (BRA) 9.75 DEF. Kylen Yamakawa (HAW) 9.65, Coconut Willie (HAW) 8.60, Daniel-Reid (Ha’a) Aikau (HAW) 5.40
HEAT 2: Kainehe Hunt (HAW) 15.50 DEF. Ido Arkin (ISR) 11.75, Evan Valiere (HAW) 10.25, Mananalu Chandler (HAW) 6.65
HEAT 3: Ezra Clark (HAW) 11.60 DEF. Bob Hennessy (USA) 10.50, Doug Silva (USA) 8.05, Gavin Klein (HAW) 7.95
HEAT 4: Tiger Abubo (HAW) 12.25 DEF. Kane Turalde (HAW) 11.05, Branden Defilippo (USA) 7.85, Billi Choi (HAW) 6.90
HEAT 5: Steve Roberson (HAW) 13.80 DEF. Sam Debonet (USA) 12.50, Chris Foster (HAW) 11.00, Zachary Newton (HAW) 6.10
HEAT 6: Barak Maor (HAW) 11.00 DEF. Gregg Nakamura (HAW) 9.95, Gen Asano (HAW) 6.95, Kai Nelson (HAW) 6.15
HEAT 7: Roran Mullen (HAW) 9.75 DEF. Ioane Jarrard (ASM) 7.60, Nalu Sheppard (HAW) 7.00, Dustin Fernandez (USA) 5.00
HEAT 8: Thatcher Johnson (HAW) 11.40 DEF. Koalaukani Ramos-Saunders (HAW) 10.25, Tony Nunez (HAW) 9.50, Kainaru Kato (HAW) 7.75
HEAT 9: Taj Newton (HAW) 12.85 DEF. Kaiano Costa (HAW) 12.60, Love Hodel (HAW) 11.70, Nakula Harvey (HAW) 8.40
HEAT 10: Kalanoweo Desoto (HAW) 12.95 DEF. Eric Roberson (HAW) 11.00, Braedon Harris (USA) 7.60, Mike Cao (HAW) 7.00
HEAT 11: Oliver Zietz (NLD) 15.60 DEF. Liam Wilson (HAW) 14.25, Memphis Brown (USA) 6.60, Reef Isono (HAW) 6.15
HEAT 12: Kaleohoneakekai Relator (HAW) 12.10 DEF. Koa Rothman (HAW) 10.90, Leonid Nichols (USA) 9.05, Makai McNamara (HAW) 4.40
HEAT 13: Luke Tema (HAW) 16.15 DEF. Legend Chandler (HAW) 14.00, Chase Anderson (HAW) 10.55, Peio Charriaud Ostolozaga (PYF) 8.55
HEAT 14: Hauroa Maiotui (PYF) 15.65 DEF. Jackson Dorian (HAW) 12.50, Jayson Fong (USA) 11.40, Landon McNamara (HAW) 6.00
HEAT 15: Levi Young (HAW) 13.40 DEF. Zac Hedemann (HAW) 10.40, Waimea Star (USA) 8.20, Troy Osada (HAW) 7.65
HEAT 16: Braiden Maither (HAW) 13.10 DEF. Matteus Santos (HAW) 12.55, Nikoa Gazzola (HAW) 10.95, Remy Juboori (USA) 8.90


Local Motion Surf Into Summer’s At Home In The Hawaiian Islands





Local Motion’s Annual “Surf into Summer” Surf Contest is back for 2024! The contest will be held at Ala Moana Bowls on June 8th & 9th.

Surf Into Summer is historically the largest amateur surf event on Oahu, consistently drawing a broad range of surfers from 7 to 70 years young. Seasoned amateurs as well as the competitive weekend surfer can compete and have fun in one of 10 shortboard or longboard divisions.


There will be 10 divisions from Saturday-Sunday. Each division will have 4 to 6 heats, 6 competitors per heat. Top 6 competitors from each division will be awarded trophies and prizes on Sunday. Each competitor will receive a Surf Into Summer 2024 competitor tee at check-in. Check-in is 1 hour before your heat.


…. For Both Qualifying Series and Longboard Contingent!

Plenty SSW swell for the event! Monday June 10 – Monday 17

  • Local Motion Continues Its Legacy Event at Ala Moana Bowls
  • Men’s and Women’s QS and Longboard Regional QS Back In Action
  • All-Important Longboard Event Determines WSL Longboard Tour Representatives
Pictured: The beautiful lineup of Ala Moana Bowls is back to provide more iconic history in the Local Motion Surf Into Summer legacy series. Credit: © WSL / Heff

ALA MOANA BOWLS, Oahu, Hawaii (Friday, May 10, 2024) – The World Surf League (WSL) Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Qualifying Series (QS) and Longboard Regional Qualifying Series contingent are back beginning June 10 – 17 at the Local Motion Surf Into Summer At Home In The Hawaiian Islands, a QS 1,000 and Longboard QS 1,000. A legacy event, the Local Motion Surf Into Summer returned to the QS in 2023 and included the Longboard QS to provide a pivotal qualifying event for the regional contenders. Now, the QS will kickstart its 2024/2025 seasons toward qualification for the 2025 Challenger Series. Plus, this marquee event will determine who qualifies for the 2024 WSL Longboard Tour.

“We can’t wait to kick off the Regional QS season and also crown our Hawaii/Tahiti Nui Regional Longboard victors at Ala Moana Bowls next month,” said Robin Erb, WSL VP, Tours & Events. “It’s an ideal venue for our local athletes to really show what they can do, and we’re grateful to our partners Local Motion and the Hawaii Tourism Authority who make it all possible.”

Local Motion’s iconic brand has become a mainstay within the Hawaiian Islands and around the world after its inception in 1977. Their commitment to providing opportunities for competitors professional and amateur alike has helped spark a wave of Hawaii contenders that have gone on to establish themselves as some of the world’s best including reigning event victor and former Championship Tour (CT) competitor Keanu Asing (HAW). Now, Local Motion is back with the support of the Hawaii Tourism Agency (HTA) at the forefront of providing monumental points toward the next field of emerging talents looking to make a name for themselves among proven veterans.

“We are excited to be partnering with WSL again to host the first contest for the 2024 Regional QS season and the WSL Longboard Tour qualifier,” said Yusuke Takasaki, Local Motion Chief Operating Officer. “It’s an honor to assist surfers of all kinds, and we strongly believe that partnering with WSL is the most effective way to accomplish this. We look forward to sustaining this collaboration in the years ahead.”

An incredible lineup of competitors including reigning Hawaii/Tahiti Nui QS Regional victors Shion Crawford (HAW) and, defending event victor, Keala Tomoda-Bannert (HAW), 2024 Challenger Series representatives Jackson Bunch (HAW), Erin Brooks (CAN), Kai Martin (HAW), Eweleiula Wong (HAW), and many more are ready to vie for the esteemed win at Ala Moana Bowls.

Plus, 2023 WSL Longboard World Title runner-ups Kaniela Stewart (HAW) and, defending event victor, Sophia Culhane (HAW) return alongside defending event winner Kai Sallas (HAW), finalists Haley Otto (HAW), Michael Van Hohenstein (HAW), Keani Canullo (HAW), and a plethora of emerging talents.

The Hawaii Tourism Agency (HTA) returns as the presenting sponsor to help further the impact of professional surfing in the Hawaiian Islands and pay homage to the sport that was mastered in its waters.

The Local Motion Surf Into Summer holds a contest window opening June 10 through June 17 and will run on the best four days of conditions.

For more information, please visit

About the WSL
The World Surf League (WSL) is the global home of competitive surfing, crowning World Champions since 1976 and showcasing the world’s best surfing. The WSL oversees surfing’s global competitive landscape and sets the standard for elite performance in the most dynamic playing field in all of sports. With a firm commitment to its values, the WSL prioritizes the protection of the ocean, equality, and the sport’s rich heritage, while championing progression and innovation.

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