Local Big Wave Charger Kohl Christensen gets off the Island and into the Cold

“Sub Sole” The Movie

Chilean charger Ramon Navarro, alongside visiting surfers Otto Flores and Kohl Christensen, never planned on surfing the kegging lefthander featured in the edit above.

On a cold fall morning last year, Navarro and Flores went to scout a specific point in Southern Chile that Navarro had heard rumors about.

But having spent a lot of time in the area, he was skeptical, not expecting much.

He definitely wasn’t expecting to find one of the best waves he’s ever surfed. “I’ve spent pretty much my whole life trying to find new waves and this one was right under my nose,” Navarro told us in our full feature on the adventure. “And that’s because sandbars are so tricky. They change all of the time and there are so many things that need to happen in order for them to get good.”

Unfortunately, the spot’s magic sandbar disappeared almost as quickly as it formed.

Not long after Navarro, Flores, Christensen and a local crew of Chilean chargers found the wave (and surfed their brains out for a week), Navarro returned to the spot only to find a sad version of what they had found before.

Thankfully they had filmer Rodrigo Farias Moreno there to document the wave’s brilliance.

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