Living your Dream is logical…ask Nuno Dias

Logic of a Dream

“This is my first showreel, it was filmed in Portugal and Hawaii during the past 12 months and shows what I really love to film: Surf and Nature. Being able to shoot these breathtaking places and incredible surfers is something that motivates me to keep following my dreams”.

Surfers: John John Florence | Craig Anderson | Lucas Chumbo | Francisco Porcella | Miguel Blanco | Steph Kokorelis |

Filmed and edited by Nuno Dias

Logic of a Dream from Nuno Dias on Vimeo.

Music by Explosions in the Sky – Logic of a dream

All the footage in this video is copyrighted. To use it or obtain a license for the footage on this video for social networks, editorial pieces, tv broadcast or in a commercial player please first contact:

Instagram: @nuno_diass

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