While surf is small. We’re Going Back ….to Apr 11, 2018 for more of the infamous “Super Set”…Turn the VOL UP and hear the DEEP DULL EXPLOSION of each set WAVE. SNN.
* UPDATE (2018.04.28 – The 3rd wave of the set, by Rodrigo Koxa just won the WSL Biggest Wave Award, measured at 80 feet and established the new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD for the Biggest Wave ever Surfed).

New unreleased raw footage of the biggest Set of the day, during one of the most monstrous days of the season in Nazaré, Portugal.

This Set had 4 Giant Waves, and detonated at the first peak of Praia do Norte, directly in front of the cliff with the famous Lighthouse landmark, which is the most dangerous spot in Nazaré but also the one where the Biggest waves break.

The first wave of the set was caught by Surfer Axi Muniain (from Basque Country), the second wave was charged by Surfer Rafael Tapia (from Chile) and the third and biggest wave of the set was ridden by Surfer Rodrigo Koxa from Brazil, the fourth wave was not surfed by anyone, all 3 are Professional Big Wave Surfers with years of experience riding Giant Waves.

This Set had some of the Biggest Waves of the day, and that’s why Rodrigo Koxa’s wave, the third of the set ended up being one of the five waves nominated worldwide for the Biggest Wave Award of the WSL Big Wave Awards Competition, which is like the “Oscars” of the Big Waves and will present the winner on April 28th in an official ceremony in Los Angeles, California.

From all 5 biggest waves nominated globally, 4 were surfed in Nazaré, which makes this place as a sort of “Meca” for the Big Wave Surfing world.

The infamous Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 in Nazaré, Portugal, later became known as “The Big Wednesday”, is the same day when Surfer Andrew Cotton suffered a severe wipeout and got thrown into the air 30 feet high, breaking his back when he impacted the water (and is also now nominated for “Wipeout of the Year” on the WSL Big Wave Awards).

During the week prior to this day, a strong North Atlantic Storm generated a Giant Swell and sent it in the direction of Portugal, when it hit the coast of Nazaré, it become Gigantic due to the specific underwater geography of this place, some waves exceeded 80 feet high, turning this one of the Biggest Swells of 2017.

It can be heard at the end of the video, someone calling this the “Super Set” in response to the Filmmakers *beeped* comment over the radio, the name stuck and this Monster Set later became historic, so it’s now referred commonly as the “Super Set” by the locals.

Praia do Norte beach, near the fishing village of Nazaré, has become famous for huge waves since Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara set a then-record in 2011 for the largest wave ever surfed when he rode a 78-foot wave.