Lets go back to that really big one at Bowls…

Published on Jun 15, 2015

Ala Moana Bowls Super Sesh. 6/1/15: Opening swell of the summer.

Shot & Edited by Myyna Media www.myynamedia.com Instagram: @myynamedia

6/1/15-Waikiki, Hawaii Myyna Media staked out Ala Moana Bowls when the south shore’s opening swell hit. Californian legends Nathan Fletcher and Joel Tudor came for the feast but local boys Flynn Novak, Ezra Sitt, Makua Rothman, Jonah Morgan, and Kainoa McGee already had sqautter’s rights to Big Bowl. MVP Award goes to the buoy for not breaking when the channel starting closing out. Myyna Media vows to bring you the best clips from all of Oahu and beyond. So, if you rip and you’re doing sick s*** and it’s going undocumented hit us up! If you’re a local company and would like us to make you a video for Instagram, Youtube, regular tube, etc. we’d love to help you out and get our name out there at the same time.  Mahalo for viewing.

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